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Tips to Stay Motivated: Winter Running Edition

 The snow is coming down, the wind is blowing, it is cold as cold can be and you don’t want to run. Well you better get your butt up and go!  Don’t let a little snow scare you off winter running 😉 So here are some tips to help you stay motivated – winter running edition.

Tips to Stay Motivated: Winter Edition


Have someone keep you accountable. I used to have a running partner who would come to my house at 6:30 every Tuesday morning.  He didn’t have his cellphone aka I better go outside and not stand him out!! Now that he and I no longer run together (scheduling conflict…boo!) I use my blog!  Every week I do a recap of my workout and I feel pretty bad when my recap consist of me typing “Rest” Monday to Friday!

Lay out all of your clothes the night before. I’m usually way more likely to go do my run when everything is laid out in front of me.  Seeing it there is a reminder of my run and if I skip it …. it’s going to haunt me every time I walk past it!

Pick a Spring Race. Having a goal race in spring helps you keep your eyes on the prize!  Signing up for a spring race means there is a reason to train because are you really going to pay for a race and not train for it? Exactly 😉

Don’t focus on your splits. Especially if you live in an area like myself where there is heavy snowfall.  The resistant you get from the snow and the cautious steps you have to take in fear of ice means time is not #1.  Focus on distance and use it as a base building time because I’ve seen and heard about too many injuries where they were going too fast and noticed the icy patches too late.

Don’t be afraid to stay indoors. I know a lot of runners have the attitude of running outside no matter what the weather is.  However, there is no shame to running indoors!  It can be a little hard to lace up with it’s freezing outside and a blizzard is brewing.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and as long as you’re getting your run in, that’s all that matters!

and last but not least … my favourite way to stay motivated during the winter months is …. SHOPPING!  The more winter gear I buy, the more likely I’m going to get my butt out because I gotta get my money’s worth.  This mind set may not work for everyone but there’s something about getting a new pair of winter tights that makes me want to run outside to try it out! 😉

So what kind of winters do you have?  Snowy and icy like mine or do you get nice “warm” winters?  Any tips you want to share? 🙂

<3 Carmy

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20 thoughts on “Tips to Stay Motivated: Winter Running Edition

  1. Winters in Red Deer are the absolute worst. Our city does a poor job of plowing so the sidewalks and roads are impossible to run on some days. That’s when I head indoors to an indoor track. I have committed to running with a friend on Sundays. I pick her up too so that motivates me!

  2. Love all these tips because I use them too! I’ve been on the treadmill more than I’d like during the past 2 weeks, but with Boston calling my name, I have to make sure I get my training in!

    • you are going to ROCK it re: Boston. You gotta do what you gotta do and sometimes it’s running on the treadmill. It’s so awkward at my gym since it’s right in front of a mirror so sometimes I’ll spend an hour staring at myself haha

  3. Seriously fabulous tips!! Laying out all your clothes is definitely a great one!! Sometimes it can feel overwhelming in the morning trying to find all the winter layers!! Yep, you’re awesome!! So smart and knowledgeable!! XOXO

  4. Certainly no shame in running indoors but it is so boring! I did learn to compromise lately by warming on the TM for about 20 minutes and then finishing my run outside. That way i am only half as bored:)

    Nice post…thanks for sharing!

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  6. I love your ideas for keep motivated during the winter months. Especially the idea of going shopping. I am always in the mood for a shopping spree, unfortunately my credit cards aren’t. I also believe that safety should be your top priority. Great tips

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