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My Top Podcasts

I won’t deny it – running and cross training can get boring and at times, music might not be of any help. The last few months, I’ve started downloading podcasts to listen to and I’ve fallen in love with listening to them! I’ve even started listening to them while on public transit too. I used to listen to them at work but stopped since changing workplaces. Below are some of my favourite podcasts – ones that I’ve listened to before for years and new ones that I’ve started to fall in love with. All of these can be found on iTunes or their websites directly.

My Top Podcasts for Getting Through a Workout #runchat

Running Related Podcasts

Runner Academy

Want to hear inspirational stories, tips and training advice? I find it quite informative – for example, in their Yoga for Runners podcast, I learned what type of yoga would be best suited for me and when I should start (hint: don’t go yoga crazy during your taper). Before listening, I thought I could pick up whatever class I wanted to whenever and I’d be okay. Boy was I wrong.

Runners Connect

I absolutely LOVE Tina Muir (her accent is awesome too). Her interviews with other top athletes and specialists in running are always very informative.

Another Mother Runner

I’ve only listened to 3 episodes so far but I love it already. The podcast covers the topics helpful to women who run. From nutrition to mental toughness and even returning to running post-partum. I love how the podcast starts by sharing little tidbits about what’s happening in their lives as it really helps me connect to them. Like we’re all friends having a chat around the table about running.

Non Running Related Podcasts

Retail Nightmares

This is one of my favourites – I look forward to it every Monday! They’re two Canadian gals who are hilarious. There’s no better way to get through an hour of cross training than trying to contain your laughter while these ladies are making a poop joke. My favourite segment? Puppo of the week where they share their cutest finds of the week!

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Curious about how makeup started? Or about why ladies tend to do humble brags? Long time favourite that I’ve been listening to for years. They cover topics relate to being women from every imaginable angle. These two ladies give a fun spin to it by injecting humour into their research to keep it from being too dry.


These two dig into “The Hidden Side of Everything.” I loved their book so it was natural for me to check out their podcast. If you’ve ever wondered random things like why do people have children, how does boredom work, and more? Then this is the podcast for you.


Another Canadian podcast (go team Canada!) and very new to the scene. They say they’re “a podcast about the curious, enlightening and occasionally criminal underbelly of the internet” and so far have proven to be. Their recent episode about passwords threw me in for a doozy as they predicted how I make my less important account passwords! Oops!

Do you listen to podcasts while you work out? Or just in general? What are your favourites?

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9 thoughts on “My Top Podcasts

  1. I must start listening to podcasts. It would be a change for me. You seem to have some great suggestions that would interest me here! Retail nightmares might be a very entertaining one.

  2. I listen to podcasts on my commute to/from work. I usually listen to This American Life, Serial, Freakonomics, Hidden Brain, and RadioLab. I’ve tried running/tri podcasts and while I love the topic, during my commutes I tend to listen to other stuff! 🙂 I should try them while working out but I’m either doing music or nothing.

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