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Negative Self Talk

“You suck.”

“You’re so slow.”

“You’re getting fat.”

” Why aren’t you making any progress?”

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These are hurtful things that I would never say to someone so why would I say that to myself. I have a history (and still do…) with depression so negative thoughts about myself is not something that is new to me. However, recently, it has been getting more and more difficult to quiet that voice inside me down.

Negative thoughts can be a dangerous things as sometimes it gets to the point of you actually believing what those negative thoughts are saving and your self worth takes a hit. So why am I telling you all of this? Well one, I find that sharing what’s happening helps keeps my thoughts in check and two, I’m hoping that if anyone else plagued by these thoughts is struggle, will know that they are not alone.

So how am I working on this?

Asking myself why

Why am I saying these things to myself? Would I say this to my best friend? Why can’t I give myself a pat on the back instead. Is there a reason why I think I suck? Is it because I ran slowly? If so, why can’t I give myself a break? Not all runs will be fast. It’s little steps like these, asking myself why to find the root cause and then a solution, should be able to help me shut that down.

Putting it in perspective

Why did I say I suck? Is it because I didn’t run at a certain pace? Was I unable to lift a certain amount? Well, is this really going to matter in the long run? Will one bad session mean that in five, ten, twenty years, I’ll look back to that one moment and go ah-ha, it was that day.

Goal setting

When I have negative thoughts such as “you’re getting fat,” I’ll think of goals setting. Why do I think I’m getting fat. Am I snacking too much? Am I working out less? Well, that can be changed to setting goals instead such as snacking less between meals.

QOTD: How do you combat negative self talk?

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12 thoughts on “Negative Self Talk

  1. i think we all go through these phases…i try to focus on one positive thing in my life and channel the energy there. when things are not going so well, i forget about little things i should be thankful for rather than constantly dragging me down with negative talks.

  2. I totally feel ya here. It is SO easy to negative self talk, and put ourselves down. For me, talking to my best friend or my husband usually helps put me in a better direction. I just think about all the things I AM doing right, and that also helps.
    You are NOT alone in this struggle. For me, knowing that is sometimes half the battle.

  3. it is a pretty interesting perspective to think that you would definitely not say that to a friend or someone else, but it’s ‘okay’ to say it to yourself? why are our minds programmed like this! thanks for sharing this girl! xx

  4. Great post. I always stop negative self talk in terms of my performance by reminding myself that it will be more likely to be true if I dwell on it. I allow myself to feel bad for a small window and then “refresh!” We are always doing better than we think we are. 🙂

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