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Thoughts of a Newbie Trail Runner + GIVEAWAY

Disclaimer: This post is written for my role as a Try Trail Ambassador for 5Peaks.


As you may or may not know, I was injured back around March – April. I was pretty whiny about it as anything more than 3k caused my shins to want to break off my legs! It was around that time that I decided to give trail running a try because I heard that the ground was a lot easier on my legs than concrete… and then I fell in love.

I ran almost exclusively on the trails near my home for a could months until my legs were feeling well enough to go back to my regular scheduled training.  Despite being injured, it was quite the learning/exciting experience for me!

Here’s what I learned:

The community is extremely supportive.

You thought the running community in general was supportive, wait til you meet trail runners. I’ve never been so well fed pre, during, and post runs by people who pretty much adopted me into their runs. There’s no focus on who’s the best runner, fastest runner, etc – essentially, it’s not a race. The no (wo)man left behind mentality is strong in trail running (which despite what road running groups keep telling me, there’s a definite feeling of holding a group back in my experience…).

It’s okay to walk.

Sure it’s okay to walk during a regular run but when you do it in the trails, you can call it hiking! Hiking itself is quite the workout! I’ve noticed that when there are times when it course gets too tough, we don’t push through. We stop and walk through the tough spots if needed.

Every run is an adventure.

I took my friend out to a new trail I wanted to explore. Neither one of us were experienced trail runners (it was her first trail!) and we went in head first filled with excitement (well, more like I tricked her haha). We had no idea where we were headed, we just followed the trail and hoped that whoever made the trail knew where they were headed! Seriously, every run was me exploring bits and pieces of the trails and it was an adventure every time.

Anyways, thanks to my role as a Try Trail Ambassador, 5Peaks has graciously given me an entry to the upcoming Albion Hills race in month!  In addition, they have also given me a $5 off code to share: CarmysBlogPals

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17 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Newbie Trail Runner + GIVEAWAY

  1. One of these days I am going to try one of these! I have heard about the community from many others too. I like the no pressure attitude, especially when starting out!

  2. What a great introduction to running on trails… It is heartwarming to read about all the great support you got; we all need support in whatever we join/do.

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