Friday Favourite: Olympic Motivation

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It’s finally Friday! It’s been such a long week and while I’m looking forward to a break, I’m actually working this weekend too so it’s not really a weekend of freedom for me but that’s okay. Why? Well, when you want something – you’ve got to hustle to make it happen. I’m practically juggling three part time gigs right now to, as clichè as it sounds, to make my dreams come true. Results don’t just materialized out of thin air – there is so much that goes on behind the scenes.

Monday, I mentioned how I found inspiration in other runners who ran past me, who for their own reasons, were suffering through the heat alongside myself and pushing through. Today, I’m finding inspiration through the Olympic Manifesto that Sport Chek released this week. Sport Chek has launched an as-it-happens manifesto, highlighting the moments that have defined the Olympic Games so far for Canada – facing and overcoming adversity.

An excerpt from the video that really stood out to me:

What will you do
when your lungs burn
and your body shakes
when the disaster in your muscles
go from tremors to earthquakes
how will you hold on
when every rung you reach for shatter
in your grasp
and there are more ways to fall
than there are to climb

I remember my training days back in high school. Waking up at 5, getting to school for early morning practice, skipping social events to do my homework so I can wake up early at 5 again the next day. I remember when the nerves got to me for my first regional match and we lost our first game, meaning we had to back door the entire tournament – having to start from the very bottom of the line up and winning every single game until we got back up at the top and won gold for our region. While yes, the Olympics is above and beyond the level that I was at but I get it – I get the hard work, the sacrifice, the grit that is behind all of it to show that we have #WhatItTakes.

#whatittakes_rosie (1)

Sport Chek’s video is meant to celebrate the grit and determination of Team Canada to prove #WhatItTakes. Without failure, there is no success. Overcoming and facing adversity is what makes us who we are.

QOTD: What is your Friday motivation? Do you have #WhatItTakes to achieve your goals?

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11 thoughts on “Friday Favourite: Olympic Motivation

  1. The videos are great! It’s hard to not be motivated by all the awesomeness happening in Rio right now. I especially love hearing the stories about all the athletes’ backgrounds…they are real people just like us.

  2. I love the when its olympic season. I find it so cool to see so many people pursuing their passions and pushing themselves to the limit. I get motivation from thinking about how great I feel after I workout- that is usually enough for me to get it done!

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