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Thinking out loud #27: 2016 New Year Gym Goers

Today’s post is a short one. I had mentioned it on Instagram a week ago and would just like to expand on the matter here on my blog.

“While it is a popular joke for the fitness crowd to make about how crowded the gym will be in a few days once 2016 hits then they disappears in a month, I just wanted to say to the 2016 crowd: way to go. Way to decided to make this life change. Way to actually act on it and get to the gym. Way to stick through it. And way to not give up (you better not! Keep showing up! ?)”

I am an avid gym goer and the last few days, I have noticed an increase in members at my local GoodLife Fitness. The new members were in all shapes and sizes and honestly, instead of being mad that now 95% of the treadmills were taken up, I just wanted to hug every single one of them. I wanted to encourage them – to let them know that taking this step in their life was a good thing. Sure it may be painful, sweaty, and at times difficult, but in the end it will be worth it to live a healthy life.

So please think twice this year before making jokes at the new year gym goers – instead encourage them to say at the gym because for all you know, you may become gym buddies in the future and who doesn’t want a gym buddy?

In addition, below is the results of a survey conducted by GoodLife Fitness of 2016 New Year’s Resolution! Are your top fitness goals the same as my fellow gym goers? Let me know!

So tell me, what are your opinions on this matter? Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

GoodLife Fitness conducted a survey on 2016 New Year's Resolutions for health, fitness, and wellness. What are your resolutions?

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9 thoughts on “Thinking out loud #27: 2016 New Year Gym Goers

  1. Thanks Carmy, I think I might continue on with this fitness thing 😀

    Ok I jest, I’m already converted. I actually like it when there’s more people at the gym, I find it more inspirational and feed off other people’s energy.

    I also remember feeling that it was so bizarre the first time I did weights in front of a mirror. Everybody goes through that self conscious phase and we all need to remember, and remind newcomers that it’s temporary.

  2. I’m always encouraging people to get fit, so I’d never put someone down for starting at the gym. I actually used to coach women who wanted to start running. Oddly, I haven’t actually noticed a larger number than usual at the gym, but I go at an odd time when most people are at work.

  3. Actually my biggest goal is to maintain my current level of health as I think this is the most important thing that you can take from going to the gym. In my opinion the perfect shape is the result of that, so just try to be healthy and feel god, the good shape will follow!

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