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My Boyfriend's

My Boyfriend’s








Last night was the last night of Winterlicious in Toronto and me/my boyfriend and two other couples had reservations to Paintbox Bristo.

First Impressions

The Paintbox gave off a nice first impression.  Everything looked clean and sleek in the open space.  Atmosphere was very chill/relaxing/casual. Service was decent.

The Food

I had the lentil soup as a starter, beef brisket for my main, and the raspberry crumble as my dessert.  Everything tasted great and the portions were filling.


The food was amazing, however, it was inconsistent. We all got the beef brisket and in the photo above, you can see that my dish had a lot of jus (fancy word for gravy on their menu), but my boyfriend’s barely had any.  Actually, I was the only one at the table who had any!  The beef brisket was to come with mashed potatoes and king oyster mushroom but two of our friends was missing their mushrooms!  That was quite disappointing on their behalf as the mushroom tasted great!

Would I Come Back?

Maybe.  There wasn’t a lot of parking available in the area.  I’ll most likely come back if it was easier to get to via car (I don’t feel that comfortable ttc-ing to the regent part area).

3.5/5 (sorry, the lack mushrooms for my friends knocked the score down!)

<3 Carmy


In the photo: Beet Salad, Tuna Conserve, Beef Brisket, Raspberry Crumble,
Lemon Tart, and Sticky Toffee Pudding

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