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Fit & Fashionable Friday: Peak Performance Review

Gear Review: Peak Performance on

This week for Fit & Fashionable Friday, I have a review of some super cute running clothes from Peak Performance.

Peak Performance Clothing Review

I got a few items but I’m going to be reviewing my favourites from the bunch: the women’s focal jacket, pivot crew neck, and montroc shorts.

Focal Jacket MSRP – $160

Peak Performance running gear review

I absolutely loved this jacket. It’s super lightweight, breathable, and easy to fold up to tuck into your bag. It’s water resistance and perfect for a windy day. It doesn’t have any secret pockets but it does have one on the left sleeve – perfect for a key and a bus pass.

Peak Performance running gear review

Other features of this jacket include my oh so favourite thumb holes and the front zip goes all the way up for a chin guard.

Most of the jacket is made of a lightweight polyester with mesh panels to keep your cool and dry but the area around the neck/collar is a of a thicker more soft polyester, keeping your neck warm.

A detailed I really appreciated from Peak Performance was their zipper pull tab. A lot of times, companies tend to just slap on a generic zipper pull tab whereas Peak Performance has their customize made and they look adorable and are easy to grab in a rush. The picture below is of the backside and I just wanted to point out how cute and continuous the branding with with their “peak performance” stitching.

Gear Review: Peak Performance on

Pivot Crew Neck MSRP $100

Peak Performance running gear review

First things first – this was one of the comfiest pull overs I’ve tried on. The pivot crew neck has a gusset in the underarm area to help prevent chafing – something I’ve had a problem with when it comes to work out gear. This sweater was made to help wick away moisture and keep you dry when you’re on the move. The zipper at the side was placed there so you could unzip to let some cool air in if you’re overheating. I liked the idea of that feature but I found that it would sometimes unzip on its own when I was sitting down.

Montroc Shorts MSRP $100

Peak Performance running gear review

I wore these on two 10+K runs and am in love with them.  There are two layers to these shorts – the inside “tights” and then the outer shell. The inner layer stayed put while running which helped me minimize chafing. You can see what I mean in the photo below where the longer spandex layer kept me feeling snug and comfortable so I didn’t have to worry about thigh chafe. (Side note: if you’re worried about overheating with the two layers, the shorts have a side mesh panel to keep you cool)

Peak Performance running gear review

The shorts also have a pocket in the back of the waist band for little things like keys. Something I did not like about the current pair of tights I’m running in is that the back pocket is literally a pocket. So the extra layer of  material would rub up against my skin. With the montroc shorts, having the two layers prevent you from feeling the pocket. The pocket is also sewn into the outer layer so it’s not flapping around loose like my tights.

Peak Performance running gear review


Overall I would give Peak Performance an A for their product. They seem to know what features runners would want (back pockets, flattering waist bands, lightweight, etc) and they managed to make it all look cute! I didn’t get my hands on the men’s line for the boyfriend so I don’t have an informed opinion on it but love how cute, comfortable, and flattering the women’s items were on me.

QOTD: Have you heard of Peak Performance before? What’s your favourite features in running gear?

Links to the product (non affiliate):

Focal Jacket
Pivot Crew Neck
Montroc Shorts


Gear Review: Peak Performance on

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14 thoughts on “Fit & Fashionable Friday: Peak Performance Review

  1. I have not seen this brand that I can recall- great review! Looks like top quality materials! I would love to try those shorts, I have a similar pair but the short underneath bunches up and drives me crazy! 🙂 Happy Friday! #fitnfashionable

  2. I’ve never heard of Peak Performance. I really like the color of that jacket. A very weird requirement I have is unobtrusive logos, so that would rule the jacket out for me. But I’m curious to see what other products that have. Thanks for the review!

  3. I’m loving the color of this light jacket! The pocket on the sleeve is pretty cool and I have a jacket with one and I keep a few dollar bills in it. Also you can even wash it and never take the money out! 😉 Nothing like good clean green right?!?

  4. I love the color of that jacket and I love that it’s lightweight and small enough to stash in your bag or the trunk. I haven’t heard of this company so I’m going to check them out.

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