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Pick Me Up: Reasons Why I Run!

So you may or may not have noticed but my last few training runs have been terrible ): It doesn’t help that I’m also fighting a cold alongside this so I’m writing this post today to give myself a reminder of why I run and why I should keep going and not give up.

Carmy’s Reasons to Run

Reasons (1)

  1. To be able to have an excuse to “carb load”
  2. To have amazing looking legs
  3. To be able to outrun everyone if there’s ever an zombie take over
  4. To prove to myself that I can do it
  5. To have guilt-free “me”
  6. To have excuses in the future to travel “for the race!”
  7. To buy super cute running outfits
  8. To keep myself sane
  9. Because I gave up badminton
  10. To inspire others
  11. To have something to do other than studying and working
  12. Because Friday night clubbing isn’t my scene and Friday night tempos are
  13. To know that I can run more than 20k if I ever need to escape Toronto
  14. To explore the trails in Toronto that I never knew existed
  15. To be able to go everywhere in sweats or running clothes and not wear “real” clothes 😉
  16. Because running in the winter with a headlamp in the dark is kinda awesome
  17. Because I can
  18. To be happy

So why do you run? Does makes a list make you feel better when you’re down on your training?


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<3 Carmy

14 thoughts on “Pick Me Up: Reasons Why I Run!

    • Lol! I see it as, if the zombies take the slow people… and slow people become zombies… we are at an advantage! But yes, this little step back has really helped cheer me up! 🙂

  1. haha – definitely true on the ‘no underwear’ thing! 🙂

    For me it is to be the best version of me … and because I am 48 and in the best shape of my life, and younger than I have been in 15 years – I want to keep it this way! So I keep running. I’d write more, but … time for my run 🙂

    • LOL! enjoy your run Michael! My mentor is 51 this year and he could run laps around me as I run! It’s crazy isn’t it how running keeps you so young and he doesn’t look 51 at all and since you don’t look 48 at all and Meredith over at the thecookiechrunicles doesn’t look her age, I’m hoping running will keep me looking young forever 😉

  2. Reasons I run…
    To keep up with the kids.
    To set a good example for my kids–specifically my daughters
    Because any sport with a ball in it baffles me
    Because it makes me happy
    The amazing feeling of accomplishment!

    Great list–keep running!

  3. You had me at #1, and then I thought “no I’ll read the rest”…then you had me at #2 😉

    Sometimes I not only have 1 cold, I get in whole cold ruts where it’s one after the other. Depending on how desperate you are you could take my aggressive anti-cold remedy (

    Keep at it, it’s true that Friday night tempos or Saturday morning running is > Friday night clubbing

    • Mike your legs are already amazing. I get really upset when my BF wants to have a late Friday or Saturday night and I’m like DO YOU NOT KNOW I HAVE A RUN?!!??!!? haha. Sucks about the cold ruts ): Luckily mine is KINDA getting better since my run and this morning’s lifting session (or maybe it was the sushi I had…)

  4. Oh I agree on so many of these! Numbers 7 and 15 are my favorites though 🙂
    I run to soak up the sun (and sometimes rain and snow when the weather is less than ideal) and to challenge myself to be better, faster, stronger.
    A couple weeks ago, I was having a REALLY sucky run. But as I slowly moved forward, it dawned on me that as much as it sucked in that moment, I’d rather be suffering through that run than doing any number of things at that moment. The suffering makes me feel human, and makes good runs THAT much better.

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