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PRs are Personal for a Reason.

PRs are Personal for a Reason

Recently I’ve been feeling a little down about my running life. Between my lack of running due to finals, shin splints, ITB pain, or whatever life has thrown at me (and a fun 20lb weight gain in the last 4 months! boooooo!), it really dug it’s way into my head.  I’ve been struggle a bit with my self esteem.

I’ve been stalking my friends’ training. Looking at age category winners in my age group for upcoming or previous races. Looking at what my teammate’s training plans are in the weekly email (how are they doing 3:35 intervals while I’m doing 5:30?!). Do I sound like a madwomen yet?

Well after my little unofficial PR on Sunday, I’ve decided to just let it all go.  I’m vowing to stop with the stalking because my PR is called a PR for a reason. It’s personal. It’s my time. It’s what I worked towards and I shouldn’t be feeling terrible about it despite not being as fast as those around me. It’s mine.

I should feel happy that I’m surrounded by so many speedy friends that support and motivate me to push a little hard instead of throwing myself a little pity party over my slower times. I’m going to have to accept that.

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25 thoughts on “PRs are Personal for a Reason.

  1. What Suz said, dear!
    I’m also with you on the crazy weight gain train and I cannot wait for it to GO THE EFF AWAY!
    We all have ups and downs with running, but the great thing with running is that there’s always another race.

  2. I feel ya! Comparison is evil. My new weekly run group is, on the whole, MUCH faster than me. And I’m one of the only certified running coaches among them! Yes, I was injured for about a year and am still “coming back” but even at my best I was not as fast they are. That being said, I’m LOVING training with them. I’m choosing to hold no judgement against myself. I can only only move forward by starting from where I’m at. My personal best IS going to improve and I WILL celebrate it and no one can take that from me. It’s mine. My own. My precious. lol. That being said I also choose to celebrate my friends and how awesome they are. I will not be jealous of their prowess, nor will I be intimidated. We are sisters and we can elevate each other! 😀

    • right?! I’m ALWAYS the slowest in any group I join and it can be hard especially when injured. I bet you’re going to be one of the speediest ones when you’re fully back 😉

  3. Amen sister! I have SO many coaching clients who are happy with their race until they see what others have done, then they feel like less. I’m glad you realize you are unique and bring your own personal issues to your running.

  4. YES!!!!!
    Yours and your alone……
    I run because I love to run.
    I race for the comraderie.
    To be surrounded with people such as yourself, and all of the other wonderful I have met.
    If I PR awesome, if I don’t meh!

    Your are AWESOME 🙂

  5. Love your recent blog Carmy, and you’re right in every aspect. You keep on moving and do your thing. I think you’re a great inspiration and can’t wait to see how you do in the upcoming 15K.

  6. I totally know where you’re coming from. And not just with running or fitness. It’s hard to NOT compare yourself to the people around you when it comes to things like school work, or luck with finding jobs or even other bloggers and their blogs.

  7. Girl I feel you! It can be fruststrating to compare at times. My mom’s friend just started running and ran her 2nd half last weekend with my mom(the one I was supposed to run), and ran a sub-2 hour half no problem…and it’s only her second half and she doesn’t even train that seriously!! Meanwhile we’ve been running for years and it is such a struggle to even get a minute PR. I’ve been struggling with the comparison trap too but you’re right, everyone is different and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses…I keep trying to tell myself that!

  8. Amen to that! I know exactly how you feel. I used to be almost ashamed of my PRs because other people’s PRs were so much better than mine. But now I have learned to accept it for what it is. Some people are just faster. I have only been running for 1 and a half year, I can’t expect to be the best in the world. One step at a time, all I can do is train and improve. Every PR is a step closer to the dream 🙂

  9. I completely agree. I’m such a slow runner compared to others in my age group but I’m trying to remember that when I’m constantly seeing PRs for myself it means there is improvement happening, even if I don’t feel comfortable sharing my race time.

    Thank you for this, I really needed it.

    • Thank you for reading it! I totally understand – sometimes I don’t share my race time OR my goal time just because it’s nerve wracking hearing people say it should be easy peasy :/

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