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Questions I Get Asked…

Do you still run when it’s cold outside?

Spring races don’t train for themselves you know…

How are you still hungry?/How did you eat all of that?

I’m usually too busy eating to answer this question.

How far was your marathon?

I just raced my 15k in 1:30, thanks for asking! 🙂

So did you win??

I wish.

Can I race your coach? I bet I could bet her/him. I’m going to start training.

Go right ahead. More power to you!

So how much do you spend on shoes?

Why don’t you just get the ones on sale at *insert discount store*

And yet, I love every single one of my friends despite these questions <3



*This article is meant to be humorous, if I have offended you, sorry, kind of.
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18 thoughts on “Questions I Get Asked…

    • omg my boyfriend …. “what’s wrong with your current pair?” BUT HE WANTS TO BUY NEW COURT SHOES WHENEVER THEY RELEASE A NEW MODEL! you think he’d know ….

  1. I always get “is it really healthy to run that much?”
    Yeah, cause that’s the only reason I run. Not cause it’s fun.
    I always want to reply with “is it really healthy to watch that much TV/eat those chips/etc?”

    • LOL! good comeback. it’s always so weird how acceptable it is to point out “healthy” habits and ask if it’s alright but the defensively comes out when you flip it around on them!

  2. The only one I have no issue with is the ‘how long was your marathon’. Because really, unless you are a runner or follow the races, WHY would you know that? I mean, do non-golfers know the distance ranges for various clubs? Heck, how about the distances of a triathlon.

    Know what I mean?!?

    However … I DID once have someone ask me how long the ‘Corning Glassiest 8K’ was … and I paused and said I had to just relish the moment, and they realized what they had asked and we had a good laugh 🙂

    • LOL! thing is, I tell them it’s ‘Sporting Life 10K” or “Yonge Street 10k” and then they say marathon right after and I’m like um 😐 10k? :D? haha

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