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Tuesday on the Run: Race Shirt Rules?

I’m back for another Tuesday on the Run link up MCM Mamma Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life. This week’s topic is about race shirts: do you wear them to races or after? While I don’t wear race shirts on race day, I’m going to lay it out and try and give it to you from both sides.
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Yes! Why not?

You do you! It’s your race day, you wear whatever your heart desires! I find that some races encourages you to wear your race shirt as it makes for better photos for both yourself and the race. Ever look back to a photo and be like “which race was this?” Well this solves all of that. But seriously, it’s your race day so you can wear whatever you want! Don’t let others make you feel bad about your decision. If you’re there to have fun then you go have fun! As my coach would say, all your hard work was done leading up to your race and the race is just your party to celebrate that hard work.

No! It’s bad juju!

Some believe that it’s bad luck to wear a race shirt on race day. It’s like celebrating early right before winning a race only to have someone come up from behind to pass and win. They say it’s like begging for a DNF. I don’t personally believe in that but I do believe in chafing! I don’t like to wear anything new on race day. Even with my regular clothes, there’s still a small risk of chafing but I wouldn’t risk it with something new. In addition, race tops then to be a generic fit, sometimes unisex so it’s not something I’m comfortable wearing on race day.

QOTD: What do you think? Would you wear a race shirt on race day?


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16 thoughts on “Tuesday on the Run: Race Shirt Rules?

  1. Not sure I’d ever change what I’m wearing at the last minute. If it doesn’t fit just right I don’t want to be aggravated the whole run. On the flip side they don’t hand you the shirt as you cross the finish line, it’s not a proof of completion. You get the shirt before even lining up at the start line. At best it’s a participation shirt, so why not wear it while you’re participating … if you so choose. Guess I’m with you Carmy: Me – No weary, Others – Why not.

  2. I totally understand why race organizers would want to you wear their race shirts on race day: The sponsor logos and such get better viewing that way.
    I have work a race shirt on race day once, but only because there was a chance to win something being spotted wearing the race shirt.

    I make this comment to every running clinic I teach: Don’t wear the race shirt during the race it’s for. The first, as you mentioned is practical reasons like it may be too hot/cold or may chafe. Secondly, and perhaps more superstitiously, I say “you haven’t earned it yet!”

    I encourage people to pack their race shirt in their checked bag to wear immediately after finishing, but that’s different.

    Also, I think it’s a great practice to wear last year’s shirt at this year’s race if you’re repeating to show your loyalty to the race, and show respect to the sponsors and race organizers.

  3. I’m in the you do you camp. I’ve never worn a race tshirt on race day usually because I’ve already picked out my outfit beforehand and half the time race tshirts aren’t that nice either! But I could care less if others wear theirs.

  4. Honestly I couldn’t care less what others do. For me, the race shirt is not an option. My outfit is planned, with alternates for conditions, end of story. Thanks for linking up.

  5. I’m in the super judgy camp of wearing a race shirt on race day just signals that you’re a super n00b (as does the bib on the back).
    There are also the practical reasons like you might chafe and the shirt may not fit properly.

  6. I’ve never worn the race shirt during the race only because I am worried that it will rub wrong or not absorb sweat since it hasn’t been washed. I do love to wear it after the race to wander around town and eat!

  7. I’ve only every done color run races and for those I wore the shirts because they are white and for the most part you are running pretty slow as to not run over all everyone and slip on the powder. But I can definitely see how running in something foreign, especially for a long race that you have trained for may not be the best idea.

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