Reasons Not To Date A Runner.

So my last few posts (minus WIAW) have been a little bit on the serious side so I thought I’d make a little fun lighthearted post!  After seeing all the “Reasons to Date a Runner” type of posts, I decided to make my own!   Warning: this is not meant to be taken seriously!


1. Feeding us can be a full time job

2. We may be missing some toenails

let’s not have a gif for this!

3, We will bother you for massages

4. Our shoes will take over

and to think, this isn't even all of them!

and to think, this isn’t even all of them!

5. We may use you as a personal heat lamp after long winter runs

6. Sweaty, salty hugs

7. We may forget how to integrate non-running clothes into our rotation

 8. You may accidentally eat a gel

9. We may need to do more than just 1 load of laundry a week

image from

10. Our idea of fun on a Friday night is planning the weekend’s running route

Happy Monday guys!  Hope you enjoyed this post 😉

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<3 Carmy

19 thoughts on “Reasons Not To Date A Runner.

  1. Love this – totally cracked me up! I have to laugh because my younger son is huggy (at 16 even, love it!), so I always threaten him with hugs after my long runs!

    The clothes issue is spot-on as well – my kids never know whether I am going for a run or just hanging out on the weekends, because it all looks the same!

    But for shoes … I still have fewer than anyone else! haha

    • LOL yes! I’m always like HEY BABE, COME GIVE ME A HUG after a run and it’s so gross hahahaha. And to be fair, we are just being PREPARED when we dress the way we do, you never know when you have to go on a impromptu run! 😉

    • bahahaha everyone always talks about the UP side of dating a runner but it can get ugly! LOL but yes, fellow runners would know this too well for it to deter them!

  2. This is so true! Even though my husband is also a runner I am way worse than him with most of these things… but between the 2 of us the laundry is a disaster! And when we travel and have all our sweaty running clothes all over the room it is just terrible!

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