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Right Now.

I know it’s Friday but I’ve got a lot on my mind that I didn’t have time to share yesterday so you might want to grab yourself some tea or something because this is a long one.

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Right now I’m considering skipping my training run. Right now, I’m looking back on my last two training week and noticed a trend in missing runs. Right now, I’m not sure what I am doing.

I’ve had this conversation with myself for a few weeks now. A while back I mentioned that I felt like I was in a limbo and I thought that signing up for RunAjax might help. Well, it didn’t. I just have this feeling in my gut. That I’m losing the joy of running. That running is starting to become a chore. I can’t tell if this is because I’m struggling with my weight (again) or if it’s lingering feelings from the Mississauga half marathon.

I know my coach wants me to keep building this season because I was doing so well. I was injury-free and it was going to be a great time to add mileage and build onto what I already had. Last week I somehow banged out 2 sub 5 minute 1Ks back to back after a ton of food and missing interval runs multiple times. I felt like at times, there was gas in my legs. I was able to just push out those runs without too much effort and it surprised it. It gave me some motivation to continue my training – to not give up what I’ve worked for.

However, I just don’t feel like it. I’ve seem to have lost that drive to dig for a faster me. To be honest, I’m not really sure what’s up. I want to be able to go out for day 13 milers but it seems like I’ve lost my legs! I’ve been getting exhausted doing anything over 5K continuous the last few weeks. To be fair, I’ve been having trouble sleeping and my schedule has been flipped upside down for me so my adjustment period hasn’t been going too well. I have been loving the gym recently though. I love lifting weights and I love how I feel afterwards. Especially after neglecting my upper body for over a year, it felt good to feel “strong.”

So why am I rambling on and on about this? Well I just wanted to show you that not everything is freaking sunshine and rainbows. I’ve been feeling a little down about myself as I’ve been glued to Instagram recently and everyone doing “fun easy 20 milers” day in and day out and made me question why I wasn’t doing fun and easy 20 milers. Why am struggling when I put in so much work over the winter. Why can’t I be happy and go out and run without struggling to finish. These are the thoughts that have been plaguing me. I’ve had a few emails from readers asking me for tips for motivation as they’ve been in a slump and well, here I am, in a slump too! I honestly think I might just try to ride this out and see how it goes. I will have a sit down with my coach after the long weekend and see what this gut feeling of mine is about and maybe we can lure that drive I had in me over the winter back out!

Who knows what the next few weeks will hold for me. I’ll just have to wait and see.

QOTD: How do you get out of a slump?

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15 thoughts on “Right Now.

  1. Sounds like you have a little burn out going on, which can happen after intense training, over-training or for other random reasons. I wrote a post once about how to shake it off (let me know if you want the link). Trying some time without “training.” Run for the fun of it, short if it feels right, leave the watch at home. If the gym feels right now, focus on that for a while, don’t beat yourself up, and just go with the flow. I’ll bet your love for running will return if you don’t try to force it.

  2. I’ve been in a slump for a WHILE now. I’m hoping having a marathon training plan and a running coach will help me get my butt in gear. What I can say to you now is that there is no such thing as a “fun and easy 20 miler.” If someone posts that on instagram they are lying! haha But for real – don’t fall into the comparison trap. We all have off moments. Don’t force yourself to get back into it. Take a little time to do something other than run and hopefully you’ll start craving it again.

  3. Slumps are reality…and everyone has them (though not everyone will admit it). Have you tried just going out for a run with no agenda (no specific distance, no specific pace that “needs to be hit,” and no specific drills (splits, etc.). Just run, and leave the watch at home….myself, I get burnt out “training” and have my entire week/month/season all planned out. Granted, all those plans are the ideal, but sometimes life just gets in the way and we need to adjust things.

  4. I’m right there with you my friend. I’m supposed to start marathon training next week and I really don’t run to run more than twice a week right now!

  5. This happened to me last year when I decided to train for my second marathon. I wasn’t feeling it and I was starting to dread running. So I ended up just taking a break and just running to run. No training, no set runs, just me and the road. This was the best decision I have ever made. Good luck on getting out of your slump.

  6. Just remember that we all go through ups and downs, and that what people share on social media is only a small glimpse into what’s actually going on in their lives. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows all of the time, even if it might appear that way online.

  7. Hey,

    A bit of a lurker here — I’ve never commented, but I’ve gone through the same thing recently, and for me it turned out to be low iron. I was surprised that, after two weeks of taking a supplement that had no side effects, that feeling had all but gone.

    • Hey Nadia,
      I’ve definitely been slacking on my iron recently. I’ll see if anything changes once I get back on the pills! Thanks for coming out of lurking and leaving me a comment 🙂

  8. I started to feel a bit like this a few weeks ago. It only lasted a couple days but I started asking myself, why am I doing this? Who am I doing this for? Part of me felt pressure to be posting for my followers on social media and if I wasn’t, I was letting them down. You have a much bigger reach than I do, so I just wondered if maybe that’s contributing to it. I could be way off, but just in case, remember that it has to be for you. If it’s becoming something you feel obligated to do, a break to just reset a bit isn’t the worst idea, especially if you’re not training for a specific race right now. Who you are is more than just running, so take time for the rest of you too and running will find it’s place 🙂

    • I totally know what you mean! I mean my handle is RUN CARMY RUN. Who am I if I’m not running?! You definitely nailed that – it does feel like I’m letting people down if I’m not running so it adds to the uneasiness of skipping runs.

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