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Road ID – a small price for a loved one’s peace of mind

If you have yet bought yourself an Road Id, do your future a favour. I’ve had quite a few close calls with cars/bikes/buses/cliff edges when I run and I’m happy to know that if anything, first responders have my info so I’m not a Jane Doe. I’ve run a lot in the middle of the night/super early morning when it’s still dark out and it gives everyone around a sense of security knowing that if anything was to happen (knock on wood) I will be identified and the proper contacts will be called. It’s practically a “return to sender” type of deal.  My BF was quite happy when I got it because 2 years ago, I had a habit of going on my runs at 2 am because I was unable to sleep and he wanted to know that if I was (knock on wood) hit by a car backing out of their drive way, I’d be identified and he’d be notified.


I purchased mine 2 years ago, I won’t include a photo of mine due to the personal information on it but mine looks like this in red.

It’s light, I wear it on the same wrist as my Garmin and it doesn’t add to the weight.  It’s easy to put on/take off, fits well, and is comfortable to wear!  It’s a lot easier than bringing photo ID with me when I run as it doesn’t have to go into a tiny pocket or my waist band and risk having it fall out during a run.

You can enter up to five lines of text on the ID plate,  but I only used four for mine. I had my name, date of birth, emergency contact’s number, and “no known allergies”

You have the option of (a) putting your information on the ID plate itself or (b) going with the interactive version that allows you to maintain an online profile that you can update if there are changes to your emergency contact information, allergies, etc.  I personally do not have an online profile/put an link on my ID because I feel like in an emergency situation, it’s faster looking at my ID than going online because it seemed like it would be easier for emergency responders to have information right then and there.

The ID comes in several different colours (10!) and the best part is, if you can’t make up your mind, you can get another band and just clip the plate with your info on it onto the different coloured band – perfect for a girl like me who wants everything to match from head to toe haha.

When I bought mine, it was under $20.  It is currently $17.99 on their website which isn’t too expensive for a little peace of mind.

It was definitely a worthwhile purchase!

(if you do get one, please use my referral link 🙂 help a poor student out! )

When I checked out they gave me the coupon code: TAF9JBCVR4X to share.  It’s a dollar off I think.  Better than nothing right? 🙂


Update: Here’s my post regarding my most recent order from Road ID 

Update 2: Here’s my post with pictures when my order arrived!

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