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Run Naked!

run naked


So I’m a pretty anal person when it comes down to staring down my Garmin whenever I’m doing a run. Whatever happened to those care free days where I’d just run for the sake of running?  Well training happened and I’ve been feeling the heat whenever I don’t run the time I want or the time I “should be” running at.  Well that’s going to change (at least until my goal race… haha) – after emailing my coach about my groin strain, she has me backing off my training/tempo/interval runs.  I’m only allowed “easy” runs and well, I’m a bit stressed out because what is easy?!?!?!?!?! I felt so bummed out staring at my watch as I ran an “easy” run so what did I do?  I ran naked yesterday!  I went without the Garmin! And guess what? I survived!

I felt so much less pressure as I ran without my watch!  I listened to my body and let it pick a pace – I didn’t obsess over my time nor did I feel stressed out from not running as fast as I did pre-injury and it the run itself was less time consuming.  I didn’t have to wait for the satellite signal, I didn’t have to sit down and go through all my splits to input them, and I didn’t have to charge anything 😉  It can be such a humbling experience to be feeling by feel than by pace.

So tell me, do you run naked? How often do you run without a watch or are you as anal as I am and need those numbers on your wrist?

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19 thoughts on “Run Naked!

  1. I have never run without my GPS watch or a running app…. except for the other day when my Garmin was taking FOREVER to pick up a satellite signal so I just started running. It eventually picked up signal though and I was happy to see the numbers pop up on my wrist 😉 My first few runs after the marathon I may try to do without the Garmin so I don’t feel stress about running a certain pace while recovering!

    • LOL I stand around and WAVE my wrist up higher hoping that extra 1 feet will grant me a connection. It’s a bit embarrassing when my boyfriend sees it but whatever! hahaha. Whenever I try to go for a recovery run after a race my legs for some reason will think I’m still in a race and just go all out while my brain is like “LEGS, STOP!” it’s a struggle 😛

  2. I spent my first 23 years as a runner with no Garmin or smartphone … of course most of those years there were no GPS watches or smartphone GPS.

    Now, it is more about habit, but I also ONLY really care about tracking when doing either a long run or ‘run with purpose’.

    Cut yourself a break – you have a bunch going on, don’t stress! 🙂

    • Oh man, sometimes we forget and have to take a step back and go “this wasn’t invented years ago” but records were still being broken and PBs were still being set without GPS watches! It’s definitely a habit because my wrist feels so light without it! you can SEE a garmin tan line!!

  3. I don’t think I have ever run without a garmin! :0 I definitely should though since I rely too heavily on it. It’s also a confidence crusher if you are just having an off day. I plan on running without gadgets for a short while….after my marathon, lol.

    • I have a friend who raced without her garmin then crushed her PB. I kinda wanna do a race without mine but I think I’d be way too paranoid (PS. good luck on your marathon! I’m rooting for you)

  4. Ugh, I definitely understand that pressure. A couple of years ago I started only paying attention to my paces for “quality” runs (tempo, speed work, long runs). Any other time, I might wear my GPS watch, but I’d only look at it after the run to see how far I ran. Sometimes I’d just wear a “regular” watch and run for X many minutes (I still do once a week). To me, easy runs are still hard if I’m aiming for some sort of pace goal – regardless of how slow it is. Best for me to just ignore the watch and run by feel 🙂

    • I try to put it in the stop watch mode so I can’t see my pace but then I can’t resist the urge to peek and swiping to the next screen. I have terrible will power! LOL maybe I need to do what you do and have a regular watch 😉

  5. Up until about 6 months ago, I rarely even ran with a watch. I did every run by feel. Then I got my Garmin, and part of my marathon training program was holding myself accountable for my runs/paces. I was surprised how difficult it is too run “easy” with the pressure of the Garmin. I am learning to take it easier on off days, and really only look at it for distance–or the ACTUAL time of day! Rest days are just as important as the long runs, or pace days…

  6. Running for about 5+ years now, and only started wearing a GPS watch after Christmas 2014. A gift, can you tell?? I love it for training runs that are for pace. But I only look at my km splits during the runs and not in between, so the actual pace is based on my perceived feelings. I have only used the GPS for a half marathon last April, and I missed a PR by 70 seconds, but it did help me set my pace especially at the end as I knew how much more time I had left.

    It’s been a while since I ran naked, but I use the bare minimum on the GPS watch. No coaching or beeps telling me to go slower or faster. Just distance, and splits.

  7. I got my Garmin about 6 months ago, and ever since then, I’ve developed a nasty habit of basing my runs off of my watch instead of basing it off of feel. I ran a 5K this past weekend with no watch at all, and it felt great! I know I need to focus more on mileage/feel than pace, so I’ll be trying my best to run “naked” in the weeks leading up to my half marathon 🙂 I might try to run with a normal watch instead of a Garmin because I will probably obsess over each mile… we’ll see!

  8. You started this post with the words “Anal” and “Naked” so my imagination ran wild… 😉

    I did a race a few years ago without any watch, and it drove me nuts. I had no idea how I was doing in terms of pace. But sometimes I wish I could put away the Garmin so that I’m not tempted to look at it during a race. It’s a complicated relationship

    • Hey now! Mind outta the gutter 😉 haha. I had a friend rock two PBs when she didn’t wear her watch. I want to try it butttttt I’m terrified! What if I get too comfortable and move too slowly! Lol

  9. I don’t but I should more often. Now that I’m training to break my 5K PR I like to wear my watch in a race so I can monitor my pace – though I do listen to my body too and if it feels like it’s working too hard I slow down. For easy run days sometimes I don’t bring a watch if I know the exact distance of the route I’m running – and I’ll admit it is nice not knowing what pace I’m running!

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