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Running Gear I Can’t Live Without

Running Gear I Cannot Live Without

So outside of my running clothes and shoes, what can’t I live without?

1. My GPS Watch

I used to wear a Garmin Forerunner 610 (review) and I currently run with the Polar M400 (review). I love both dearly and cannot imagine running without one! My Polar M400 is rarely not on my wrist!

2. Body Glide

Stopped by @sportchek to grab some Sunday long run essentials. 18k here I come.

A photo posted by Carmy (@runcarmyrun) on

I chafe. Chafing hurts. Body Glide = no chafing. If I could dip myself into a vat of Body Glide, I would! I prefer Body Glide over vaseline as it’s less sticky.

3. Honey Stinger

Like the above photo shown, I looooove Honey Stingers – especially in Cherry Cola! I love having these on hand for long runs. It’s a great motivator too as I take one every 3K when doing long runs and they are sooo delicious, I look forward to every 3K!

4. My iPod

I need music or a podcast when I’m doing long solo runs. The only time I’m 100% okay with going without my iPod is in trails where it’s so beautiful, I don’t need anything to distract me from running. But road running? There’s only so much feet pounding and heavy breathing I can listen to until I go nuts. My old iPod nano recently broke (it was over 6 years old!) and I practically raced out to buy a new one from Apple.

So tell me, other than your clothes and shoes, what running gear can YOU not live without?

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17 thoughts on “Running Gear I Can’t Live Without

  1. Body Glide saves lives!

    Which iPod do you use? Your picture is of a 7th generation nano. I was tempted to get that one but it looks to big. I use a 6th generation nano which I wear like a second watch. I kinda wish that the nano had a camera for taking quick pictures. Hopefully in 8th generation!

    • Body glide does! Haha! Oh my… I used to have the 4th gen ipod until 2 weeks before STWM when after 6ish years, the screen crapped out. So compared to the 4th gen, I now have the newest one (pictured) and it feels “smaller” haha. I wish I had gotten the camera one too! But the most recent one has bluetooth which I like. I was just bummed that it was all 16gb and there wasn’t a choice.

  2. Definitely with you on the GPS watch 🙂 Mine is currently the Garmin 225 with heart-rate monitor. Love it in spite of Garmin just fumbling the latest firmware upgrade.

    – Headlamp … not sure how I went so many years without one.
    – Band-aids – look I run 10-12 miles every morning. Google ‘marathon bloody nipples’ if you want to know WHY these are absolutely essential! 😀
    – Nutribullet – running means fuel, grind up that fuel and make it a smoothie or a pseudo ice-cream-ish treat! 🙂

  3. Love Honey Stingers!! I have to have my sunglasses and hat. HAVE TO HAVE THEM.
    And great sunscreen for my face.
    I am loving my new Garmin 620 – although I need to sit down and learn about all the features!!! 🙂

  4. YES on #1 and #4! I recently got a new GPS watch that’s slightly smaller than my last one and is white which I love! I actually wear it as a regular watch sometimes, while my other one was reserved for running only.
    I listen to podcasts on most runs, or upbeat music during a tempo. Thank goodness we’re not in the days of portable CD players anymore 😉

  5. I have the Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS – nicer than my last watch in that I can go back and look at all my splits after my run is over 🙂 My old watch only let me see splits as I was running, but once I was finished all I could see was my overall pace.
    LOL! I certainly wouldn’t train for ver long distances if I was limited to the batteries in a CD player either.

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