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Running Solo, with a Partner, or with a Team? Part 1

Running Solo, with a Partner, or with a

So you’ve started running and now you’re faced with three options: running solo, with a partner, or with a team.  Over the years, I’ve hit all three and I thought I’d share what I’ve learned with each starting off with running solo.  (And since today is Friday, I’ll be linking up to Jill’s Fitness Friday!)

Reasons I enjoy running solo:


I can wake up at 11 am or 6 am on the weekend and do my own thing (I used to run at 2am – I don’t think any of my friends love me enough to do 17k with me at 2am! haha).  I can be flexible when it comes to what time I want to do my run and when I want to run.  I don’t have to decide on a distance or a route – I can go out and go where ever my legs take me for as far as they can without feeling like I’m disappointing or overworking a running partner by deciding to do 21k one day instead of the agreed upon distance!  I can take whatever twist and turn I feel like on my run and explore new paths that I have no idea where they lead because why not?


Another thing I love about running alone is the freedom to run at whatever pace I want or work on my internal pacing.  Some days, I run super slow and other days, I’m beyond impressed with my own pace!  The other day I somehow built up my tempo run and somehow was doing my last kilometer in under 5 minutes!  If I was with a group or a partner, I would feel obliged to finish strong but even pace.  I also don’t have to feel guilty for dragging down my partner/group if I have to run at a super slow recovery pace.  I’m also able to figure out what my pace is – not my partner’s pace, not my group’s pace, but my pace which comes in handy on race day!

Me time

Running alone is pretty therapeutic for me.  It tends to clear my head and I find running on my own to be very relaxing.  Running alone makes it easier get “in the zone” as there’s no one you need to pace with.  I don’t have to be sociable, I don’t have to chit chat, and I can have my music in and focus on myself!

So those are just some of the reasons I love doing solo runs!  Want to share some of yours?  🙂

Stay tuned for part two: running with a partner!


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18 thoughts on “Running Solo, with a Partner, or with a Team? Part 1

  1. I run 95% of my runs by myself. Because my running schedule is all over the place, it makes it hard to run with people. I have to run when I can 🙁

    Plus – I do like just keeping my own pace and not worrying if I have to make a stop along the way.

    • Especially if that interaction gets you free water 😉 (one of my friend carries TWO 18 oz bottles on a run so whenever I run with him, I never need to carry my own! hehe)

  2. I probably run alone 90% of the time, mostly because I can get home from work, change, head out the door and be done my run and back with my family much faster than if I drove to meet a group etc. I also like the flexibility of being able to run my pace, my distance, my route and even change these on the fly if need be. On the other side of the coin, it’s a lot of fun to run with buddies, it’s nice to either get pulled along on a fast pace or slowed down on a long run, and running with others will almost always result in some new routes. Finally, we are social creatures, and it’s nice to meet up with some other like minded individuals for a run. So, pluses and minuses, but in the end I run alone more often than not.

  3. Sometimes on group runs, even when the leader says it’s supposed to be a slower run, ppl go all out and it takes the fun out of it for me if I’m not prepared for a tempo run. Not every run needs to be a race.

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