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Running Related Tools I Use

Running Related Tools I Use

Polar V800

I absolutely love my Polar V800! One of my favourite features on it is has a live status update on my recovery. It takes in the training that I’ve done and it calculates if I’m “very strained,” “strained,” “balanced,” or “undertrained.” It also gives me a date and time for when my recovery status will reach “strained” and “balanced” if I’m “very strained.” This gives me a good idea of how much I should be recovering based on how hard my workout was.

Running Tools I Use

Running Tools I Use

Running Tools I Use

2. A Coach

One of the best tools you can ever get yourself if you have a target race is a coach. I never have to think about my workouts, if there’s a conflict, I just tell Michelle and she changes my schedule for me, I no longer have to do research on what types of work outs I should be doing and not doing, and more! It takes a lot of stress out of running when all you can just take it one work out at a time without having to think about it. Similarly, you could be using a couch to 5K plan, Hanson running, Jack Daniels program, etc. Just make sure it’s a plan that it feasible for you

3. Foam Roller

Rolling is used to help release tension and tightness in your muscle and fascia (connective tissues that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, etc). You can see my post here to read about why you should get rolling. Similarly, a golf ball, lacrosse ball, or a good massage can be a substitute.

4. Pace Calculators

My ability to do math isn’t exactly top notch. My ability to do math while tired and on/after a run is about 0%. That’s when pace calculators come in. It’s easy to plug in some numbers and have a pace pop up for me or translated from kms to miles. Saves me time and effort! I like using coolrunning.

running tools that I use

5. The Community

Whenever I had a question about running or need recommendations, I will just ask it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and as quickly as I’ve posted it, I’ll have a respond! It really helps especially if I’m looking for something local and the Toronto community has first hand experience with what I need.

QOTD: What running tools do you use?


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14 thoughts on “Running Related Tools I Use

  1. Yes to all! My only gripe with Polar is I broke the band on mine and there was nowhere I could replace or repair it. I ended up buying another Polar then lost it. Can you tell I’m heartbroken? 🙁

    • Oh no!!!!!!! (Regarding the band, if you shoot them an email, they should be able to help! My friend’s watch fell on her tiled floor at a bad angle and she managed to ship her’s in for repairs)

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