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Fit & Fashionable Friday: Sport Chek/Under Armour Haul

Disclaimer: I’m a Sport Chek Ambassador however products shown below were bought with my own money and all opinions are my own. I appreciate your support of the brands who make this blog possible! 

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On Wednesday, H and I headed over to Sport Chek to find him some shoes for lifting (um, yay. It only took forever to convince him to go consistently to the gym with me). While there for him, I received a tour of the newly renovated Yorkdale location. Fun fact – when I first wandered through on my own, I didn’t even notice the lower floor! I thought it was one floor only.

Anyways, so while H was being fitted for shoes (I want to say he ended up with the Nike Zoom Speed training shoe but I can’t remember) – I got distracted by all the pretty things that were available to me. Seriously – you can’t take me anywhere without me getting distracted by pretty clothes. So here’s what I got to help me #SweatBetter:

Fit & Fashionable Friday: Sport Chek/Under Armour Haul

1. Pip Tech Twisted Pants

The pants pictured above are SO comfortable. I love the relaxed fit of the pants and the material wicks sweat & dries fast, In addition: POCKETS. You know how I feel about pants not having pockets and these ones have two non-fake-non-tiny pockets!

2. Fly-By 2.0 Middy

So let me just start off and say how sad I was to not have gotten this tank in every colour. I’m feeling some major FOMO and I think I need to go back for more… The relaxed fit and slightly cropped silhouette makes it so it is perfect for hitting the gym.

Fit & Fashionable Friday: Sport Chek/Under Armour Haul

3. Run Tank

I don’t usually get tanks at this length but I couldn’t not buy a tank that says run on it. Simple as that.

Fit & Fashionable Friday: Sport Chek/Under Armour Haul

4. Run Streaker Short Sleeve

I’m always in the market for tees. I picked up the run streaker short sleeve in blue and purple. I think there’s a slight trend in this haul as this top is also in a more relaxed fit. I’m a bit self-conscious about my mid section so these relaxed fit tops are super flattering and doesn’t draw the eye to any bulges haha…

QOTD: What’s the last run-item you’ve purchased?

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16 thoughts on “Fit & Fashionable Friday: Sport Chek/Under Armour Haul

  1. I’m all about going relaxed fit on my tops or tanks and pairing it with shorts. The last run item I invested in were this pair of Lululemon shorts with a deep inseam and lots of pockets and now I literally don’t want to run in anything else!

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