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Monday on the Run – Sport Suds giveaway

HAPPY MONDAY! I hope you had an amazing weekend.  Mine was filled with me running all over town to meet up with my friends because we’re all finally done exams!  So lots of hugging and sighs of relief!  Anyways, on to last week’s work out recap.



Monday – 8.1k easy
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 10.01k easy
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 5.5k hard
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 11k

Last week was a good week! I’m starting to get back on track with base building.  On Thursday, we were blanketed in snow! So Friday’s run was a calf burner! I climbed over snow banks, got slush all over me, splashed by trucks, and etc! It was crazy! I definitively have a love-hate relationship with winter running and I’m starting to dread it already!  I miss being able to run after work without it being dark out.

Can you tell by my pout that I’m NOT impressed with this overnight suprise?

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I missed my Wednesday group run so I had to go on my own and I can see the difference.  My previous Wednesdays were slightly stronger but running on my own, I definitely took it easier.  However, I’m fine it with. It’s base building for me so speed isn’t something I’m focusing on which I touched upon in on my Instagram posts.  I had switched my watch screen to showing just the distance because I was tired of beating myself up for not running the same times as I did during my training cycle.

I’m already having a difficult time dragging all these layers on to go for a run (compared to the ease of just throwing next to nothing and heading out the door during the summer) so I rather not focus on my time at the moment.  Baby steps!

And speaking of layers, I swear winter running kills me when it comes to doing me laundry!  There’s SO MUCH TO WASH!  I did a full load last week just for my running clothes alone ):  And have I mentioned that I hate folding laundry? Laundry is a pain in my butt.

However, it has been getting easier recently!  Last year during Running Free’s boxing day sale, I wanted to get Sport Suds but they were sold out.  I was curious about the product but never got around to trying it because Running Free was so far from my house and I thought I was doing fine with Tide.  But over time, I noticed that my gear was no longer as fresh as it used to be so that’s when Sport Suds came in!


Full disclosure, I did get to test Sport Suds for free (I was not paid) but all opinions here are my own!


So why do work out clothes tend to hold on the stink despite being washed?  Usually this means that the fibers are not being fully penetrated when washed because (a) fabrics like spandex tend to repel water and (b) there is a build up of our body’s oils, detergent, and fabric softener that contributes to the water not penetrating the fibers.  That’s right – did you know you weren’t supposed to use fabric softener on work out clothes?!  Fabric softener tends to leave behind a coating that keeps the clothes from being fully cleaned.

Sports Suds is specially designed for sports enthusiasts yet superb for the whole family, the Sport Suds line of high performance cleaning products removes the most extreme dirt and odours. It unclogs the pores of waterproof-breathable fabrics and leaves them open and clear.

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So what are the benefits of Sport Suds?

  • Straight out of the machine, your clothes feel lighter and cleaner
  • Fabric fibers are totally clean
  • Fabrics don’t feel ‘crunchy’ when dry or ‘greasy’ when wet
  • Outside surface of waterproof breathables are cleaned of contaminants enhances the function of DWR coatings
  • Safe for clothes, even if washed frequently or at heavy concentrations
  • Cleans microfiber fabrics to make you feel cooler, drier and more comfortable
  • Tech garments last longer and perform better

Sport Suds is also made from naturally occurring ingredients of non-animal origin. They do NOT contain dyes, phosphates, UV brighteners, bleach or perfumes. They are also readily biodegradable, non-toxic and hypoallergenic!

So after hearing all about Sport Suds…I put it to the test!  My roommate is one of those people who will leave her workout clothes in her gym bag and just let it stew.  I’m not even joking – it’s so stinky! So I took some of my dri-fit tops that despite how often I washed it still had a stink to it and her marinated icky gym clothes, and threw it in the washing machine in some Sport Suds.

At first, I was a little worried because I LOVE fabric softener – I like my clothes to be all soft and cuddly just like the bear on the container! However, not only did my clothes come out smell fresh – it was also soft! (I usually air dry my work out clothes) Even my roommate’s clothes smelt good and I am usually extremely hesitant to smell her stuff. So two thumbs up from me!

Sport Suds also cleans the “gunk” off your washer too!  So not only will your clothes get clean, it also cleans residue adhering to the inside of your washer.  

Sport Suds has kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway of a Sport Suds zipper bag and a package of washing machine packs aka the laundry room combo kit. (You can see it here – it retails $41.90 CAN)  This giveaway is open to the US and Canada only.  The washing machine pack will Sport Suds Washing Machine Cleaner loosens soap scum, mineral deposits, foreign debris and other growth and washes them away!

laundry-room-combo-kit91694 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Whew! That was a long post!  I hope everyone has been enjoying my holiday giveaways and are having a great month! So let me know, how do you do your laundry?  Do you throw everything in together or do you separate your work out clothes?

<3 Carmy
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<3 Carmy

15 thoughts on “Monday on the Run – Sport Suds giveaway

    • I shamelessly have a “clean bin” of laundry right now of work out gear that I just that from! work out gear doesn’t wrinkle nor do runners care right?? 😉 hahahaha I know how much laundry I had so I can’t imagine how much two teenagers net!

  1. I throw everything in together. I can’t be bothered sorting before the wash. I don’t mind folding though. It’s one of the only times when I’ll watch tv, so I almost look forward to it.

  2. I have a workout clothing pile and a regular laundry pile. My husband and I both run/strength train so that adds up to a lot of dirty clothes!

    • isn’t that the worse? I have a few badminton shirts that are a weird tech fabric that have been like that for months now! I literally spend two minutes in it and it reeks ): thank god for sport suds – there’s only so much work out clothes I can buy before I need a new closet/room/house LOL

  3. Good grief, I hear you on the laundry. I feel like I’m ALWAYS doing laundry in the winter because there are so many layers and I don’t have that much running gear. Oy.

    I really miss being able to run after work without it being dark outside. Weirdly we haven’t had much snow here in Ohio yet, which is a nice change of pace, but I know winter is coming. I’ve been leaving work around 3:30 or 4 to run before it gets dark at 5, then working the rest of the evening from home. (Not something everyone can do, I realize, but that’s what’s been working for me.)

    • it’s crazy isn’t it!? I leave work and there’s a midge of sunlight and by the time I’m home it’s pitch black! Thank god for my head lamp! as for the laundry … if winter gear wasn’t so expensive… I’d totally just keep buying more to avoid washing it LOL

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