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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Strength comes in all different forms. For example, strength can be the ability to lift a heavy weight, being the bigger person and sending out an apology, or in this case, stepping out of your comfort zone.

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As a runner, there are a lot of “zones” that can be out of your comfort zone. I personally feel that just stepping outside the door to go on a runner can be out of some runners’ comfort zone.

A lot of ladies identify their stomach as their “trouble” area. I’ll admit, I have a squishy core! But I’ve never considered running shirtless to be out of my comfort zone. However, talking to some friends on my run, they inspired this post. Everyone has a different comfort zone so today, I’m going to be sharing some from a couple of ladies. Hopefully they inspire you to step out of your comfort zone!

Running Shirtless in a Sports Bra.

Cathy was self conscious about running shirtless. It just wasn’t something she’d done before and it wasn’t something she had really considered. However, Toronto is hot hot hot right now. Like 100 degrees hot. So Cathy bit the bullet and out she went, shirtless on her run. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Cathy says that “I found I kind of forgot about it once I got going. The only downfall was not having a shirt bottom to use to wipe your face! I feared the heckling by the male population just wearing a bra, but how is it any different (in fact, more coverage) than a bikini at a pool?”

Stressed Induced Incontinence

Janice, who I’ve always been amazed at for never failing to get out there and getting her runs done shared that “I pee like it’s Niagara Falls when I run fast, so I have to watch my pace in order to keep it to a trickle. One race, I hand washed my running tights the night before the race. I discovered during the first km that I didn’t rinse the pants well so when I started peeing (I was going for a PB and didn’t care about pace) so the wet pants started foaming up between my legs when my legs rubbed together. It was Chilly Half and it was really cold out so the foam froze to my pants. I kept going anyways and set a new PB. I have never let incontinence stop me from doing the things I enjoy – coaching softball, running, being active my kids etc.”

Pushing Her Limits


Kaella, who has written so many feels inducing posts this year about her personal life has this to say about comfort zones: If you’re active on social media chances are you’ve seen a few inspiration posts about comfort zones. “Nothing great happens inside your comfort zone” and “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” As someone who lives her life mostly inside my comfort zone I don’t agree; but, I really thrive when I challenge myself to do something that scares me. Recently, it was hiking Grouse Grind. The 2.9 kilometer hike, up the side of a mountain, has you climbing 2800 feet. I’m not a fan of heights but it had been on my bucket list for years. My friend and I tackled it the day after we ran a half marathon which at the time, seemed like a great idea. It was hard, our legs were dead, and we took a lot of breaks but I’ll never forget the way I felt when we finally reached the top and we threw our hands up over our heads to celebrate. Plus, the beer and pizza tastes extra good because we really earned it. So, cheesy quotes aside, go do something that scares you. Step outside of your comfort zone. I promise you won’t regret it.

QOTD: What comfort zone have you stepped out of lately?

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9 thoughts on “Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  1. I love the idea of pushing yourself out of what feels comfortable. I tried running in a sports bra, but where i live (in a city) lead me to getting cat called too much so I had to stop that 🙁 Sad reality sometimes.

  2. I loved this! That’s where good things happen right?!? Stepping out of my comfort zone lately means working with a running coach and following a plan. I did not realize how comfortable I had been in my running til my boundaries were pushed!

  3. A few years ago when I was training for my first marathon in Maui, I was in probably the best shape I’d ever been in my whole life. I’m always a one piece bathing suit girl but said screw it and wore a bikini the whole time I was in Hawaii. (except while running of course, haha)

  4. I’ve been pushing my pace more and more lately and that scares me! But it feels awesome to find that limit. the trick is finding it without hurting myself in the process! Lots of listening to my body going on.

  5. Running in new places is outside my comfort zone. I like running where it’s familiar to me, and where I know my surroundings. Still, I find joy in seeing new things and locations, so I try to do it when possible.

  6. Love this so much! I tend to live only outside my comfort zone and thrive best there, I don’t know why but I’ve been this way my whole life (aside from public speaking in large groups haha). Even things as small as getting a massage- I’m not a touchy feely person, and I always believed because of that, that I didn’t want to ever pay to get a massage… I forced myself to do it and now I love them, but I’ll be honest the first 1 hour massage I got was almost like torture? I’m also claustrophobic and I recently did sensory deprivation… that was pretty intense!

  7. Love this – although I feel like the girl with incontinence should look into pelvic floor therapy! It’s so uncommon that most people don’t even know it’s a thing that can help with such problems.

    I’m getting outside of my comfort zone tonight by heading to a new to me fitness class at a new to me studio by myself. I generally prefer to bring a friend as a safety net!

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