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Stop the FOMO

Stop the FOMO! You don't have to run ALL the races!

Race season has started! It seems like every weekend someone somewhere is racing and having loads of fun racing. However, as fun as everything looks, FOMO seems to be seeping into runners’ lives.

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Races that have a lottery, races like SeaWheeze and runDisney that sell out in seconds, and races that have deals a year ahead as a steep discount contribute to the feeling of pressure and anxiety to sign up for a race you may or may not actually want to run. However, the madness and frenzy that surround the idea of going to a race with all your friends can be overwhelming. No one wants to miss out on what’s the potentially race of the year.

Instead of focusing on ourselves, we end up focusing on what someone else is doing. We focus on how much fun someone else is having. We focus on how much less fun that we are having in comparison.

So what am I trying to say here? Don’t let FOMO make decisions for you! (Seriously, FOMO can make a dent on your wallet haha) Running is different for everyone and while some people can do a half or full marathon every weekend or travel all over for races, it might not be feasible for everyone.

Do what makes you happy! Run for yourself. Pick a run that you want to do and not one that you think everyone is doing. In the end, wouldn’t you rather have fun doing something you enjoy? Getting caught up in a frenzy and signing up for all the races might just end up hurting you than making you happy.

QOTD Have you experienced FOMO? What’s your opinion on it?

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18 thoughts on “Stop the FOMO

    • Fun Fact: I missed out on the Oatmeal’s book signing in Toronto because it was my FIRST shift at work and I didn’t want to be like “ummmmmm so this cute comic dude is gonna be in town and I need to be there.”

  1. It’s hard not to have FOMO about Boston Marathon this year because Jake Gyllenhaal will be there. He’s in town filming a movie about the Boston Marathon bombings and is co-captain of a participating charity.

  2. Great point Carmy. FOMO is definitely a challenge to control sometimes especially with social media. Last year I ran a lot of destination races and this year I’m trying not to so I’m experiencing more FOMO. Although I’m gaining more appreciation of local events too.

  3. Everyone I know is running ultras. I have no desire to run one nor do I want to risk more problems with my feet. Yet I have FOMO because I am being left out…

    Grateful that Tailwind is now including marathoners as ambassadors (I got picked!)

  4. Yes, I couldn’t agree more! It’s hard not to have FOMO with some of these big races where all the running bloggers you know are getting together but it’s more important to sign up because the race fits your goals and not because you don’t want to be left out!

  5. Personally what disturbs me (as a running coach) is when people extend beyond their current training to run races because of FOMO. Always better to miss out than risk injury.

  6. I made the decision early on in the year that I was only traveling to SeaWheeze (I will sign up for the race every year!) and Disney. That’s it. Even if I feel like I might be missing out, it’s not worth the financial stress.

  7. FOMO messes with my race schedule every year. Luckily, I do well “racing” frequently, so it’s not awful, but I really need to be better about not letting FOMO make me run races that aren’t on the schedule.

  8. I agree that FOMO can get pretty intense for some folks, especially here in the DC area. All of the different themed races –and the photos people post afterwards (I’m looking at you, Color Run) — are definitely contributing to it. It’s such a competitive city that everyone feels like they have to one-up each other with races!

  9. I’ve never heard of FOMO before! I have definitely been victim of it thought when it comes to blogging conferences and continuing ed conferences lol

  10. Couldn’t agree / support this post more! By giving into FOMO, you’re right, we let others and other things even decide how we feel. That’s a right that’s exclusively ours! It’s no surprise that comparison is the thief of joy; it’s def possible to do our own thing and feel good about it while celebrating others for following their paths too

  11. This is SO Good. It’s so good to remind ourselves that we might have another opportunity, and we don’t have to get in on everything. That only leads to lots of stress which is not good.

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