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StrideBox Unboxing!! (May 2014)

Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve been having a better week than I have so far (I think I just bombed a midterm ): darn sociology!).

Luckily for me, there has been one highlight of my week that has kept me going: StrideBox.  And the beginning of the week, my very first StrideBox came in the mail!  Let me just start by saying no, they are not paying me for this (I wish) – I paid $27 CAD of my own money for this.  It’s $15/month and the May special they posted on Facebook was $5 first box if you get two boxes so it came up to $25 (which translated to $27).  The first box for $5 was what reeled me in!  Darn sales!

So what is StrideBox?  You know how recently there has been a boom of subscription services for makeup like BirchBox where every month, they send you a bunch of little sample sized product to try out?  Well there’s finally one for runners! Every month, they’ll send you a box of goodies that they’ve picked up for us to try and info for if you want more.    Okay enough from me, lets get to the goodies!





Every box comes with a card called”The Stride Guide” that describes the product and lets you know where to get it from and how much it costs.

photo1 (11)

And here’s what’s in the box!



NOW – Trail Bar in Raspberry, Peanut, and Almond.  It’s described as “Gluten free, dairy free, all natural fruit and nut energy bar loaded with chia seeds,and held together with manuka honey.”  I’m not sure what manuka honey is but this sounds super delicious.  I personally love bars like these because it’s easy for me to grab as food on the go.


CytoMax Sports Performance Mix.  It’s description is “Designed to deliver energy quickly and efficiently to help hydrate, fuel working muscles, and spare muscle glycogen to delay fatigue.”  Doesn’t sound too bad.  Ever since I ran out of my blue Gatorade mix, I’ve been hunting for a new one to test out.


Achiva Native Energy – Chia Seed Chews.  It’s described as “a combination of chia, cocoa butter, agave, sugar, and natural flavoring makes these chia chews perfect for natural energy during any run.”  This I am unfortunately not too excited about because I’m not much of a coconut lover.  Plus why do you need both agave and sugar?  Wouldn’t the agave been sweetening enough??

photo5 (2)

Huma Gel – Chia Seel Gel – Blueberry.  “A 100% all natural gel with chia seeds and flavor from real fruit.  Simple ingredients mean energy with no stomach issues.”  I’m excited to give this gel a try.  I like gels (sometimes I eat them outside of runs when I’m in a rush!) and I like knowing that it’s 100% all natural as sometimes my stomach gets picky during runs.


Quest Cravings – Protein Peanut Butter Cups. “Simple ingredients, real nutrition with a essential amino acids take the popular sweet treat to a healthy level. 10g protein per cup.”  I love peanut butter and I love chocolate, however I’m not too thrilled about this because I rarely use chocolate as fuel on a run and I can’t see myself eating chocolate right away after a run in the small window of opportunity that the protein will be useful to me. This is more of a mid-studying snack for me.

photo4 (3)

“Zipfizz – Heathy Energy Drink – Fruit Punch.  Refresh, refuel, and rehydrate with this sugar-free blend of energy producing vitamins and minerals.”  1. “healthy” on the Stride Guide is spelled wrong but fortunately, it’s not incorrect on the logo!  2. This is supposedly a limited edition flavor so yay! I’ll give this a try and see how it taste.

photo3 (4)

photo2 (4)

And the last item in my StrideBox was this running belt from I think StrideBox themselves!  It has two expandable, zippered pockets (as I have demonstrated!) that can store keys, money, gels, etc.  I usually don’t run with a belt (as I’m a bit lazy, I shove a key in a pocket or my shoe and call it a day) but I’m a bit excited to try this out since sometimes I just want a drink after my run and I don’t have any money on me to buy anything!

So there you have it folks, my first StrideBox!  What do you think? Does this look like it’s worth the money?  Have you tried any of these products? What do you think is the best item in the box?



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9 thoughts on “StrideBox Unboxing!! (May 2014)

  1. I would be curious to add up the values of each of those things and see if they actually add up to $27. My impression is no. I think a lot of the fee probably pays for shipping and convenience charges, the latter of which is kinda bullshit in my opinion, although I guess they have to pay their employees somehow, eh? I guess this could be cool if I was lazy about trying new things and wanted them thrust into my lap for an extra cost, but mehhhh not for me.

    • Omg I’m so sorry. I should fix it. It’s $15/month and the special was $5 first box if you get two boxes so it came up to $25 (which translated to $27). I’ll go fix it now and come back to the rest of your comment!

        • Okay I fixed it! Sorry about that. On the the rest on your comment! I’m pretty bad with trying new things just because I tend to stick with what works. However, this attitude is something I’m trying to fix because how would I know if there was something out there that worked better if I never tried it! I actually got my first ever gel for free at a race which was what turned me onto gels! So I thought this would be a pretty great way for me to expose myself to a bunch of product. It seems decent if you’re American and just have to pay $15 flat monthly. I’m going to assume the price translates to around $20 for me monthly ):

  2. I think it might be okay if you don’t have tried and true products you use because you could try out single servings of different brands which isn’t often an option and you’re exposed to smaller brands than the usual Gu, Gatorade, etc which is nice.

    • Yeah. Gels are easy to test (it’s like a candy store for me when I get to the gel section of a running store) but I’m excited to try things that I either have heard about online but aren’t available in Canadian stores or things like you said that aren’t sold in single servings! 🙂

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