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Summer Running Must Haves

As the weather heats up, it’s time to ditch those thick tights and layers and bring out the summer gear! Today I’ll be listing out some of my favourite summer running must haves!

Summer Running Must Haves

Water Bottle

I prefer handheld water bottles instead of the waist band ones. I personally had a bad experience with my very first one having a bad plastic taste to it that would not go away no matter what I did. The handheld pictured is from Ultimate Direction and have a little pocket up front for you to keep your key, gel, or credit card in.

GPS Watch

Summer or not, I would recommend a GPS watch. I find that I’m more likely to wander around on my runs during the summer time. The Polar V800 has a “Back to Start” option that will ensure that I can find my way home if I spend too much time wandering off my path and getting lost. I’ve been lost in the summer before and ran out of water… it was not pretty. Luckily I have my Polar now to keep me out of trouble!

A Hat

You’re going to want a comfy hat that can provide shade. The hat pictured is the Sherpa Hat from Brooks Running. This hat is constructed with DriLayer® fabric, this stretch-woven material wicks moisture away from your skin, while an interior wicking headband keeps you extra dry


I run with Bolle sunglasses and I love them. I usually alternate between sunglasses and a hat depending on how bright it is out and the type of run. When I do trails, I prefer a hat but when I run on the road, the light reflecting back from the floor means I want to have my sunglasses over my hat.

Bug Spray

Summer time = mosquitoes, ticks, all the scary leggy things that bite! I use Off with Deet for sport to avoid it being sweat off on a run. And on a similar note – Sun screen!  Definitely something you need for the summer time! Make sure it’s waterproof to avoid sweating it off.

Compression Socks

You know what terrifies me? Ticks and Lyme disease. It’s recommended that you have some bright high socks to make it easier to identify and spot ticks. Pictured are socks from 2XU – my go to brand.

Colour gear!

Summer time is usually when I go a little crazy with florals, colours, and other patterns. The brighter and bolder, the better. I’m loving this Adidas floral sports bra and as someone who usually ends up in a sports bra only on my run, it’s definitely a fun piece to have!

QOTD: What are your summer running must haves?

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12 thoughts on “Summer Running Must Haves

  1. In Colorado, sunscreen is a definite must because of all the sun exposure we get. I’m not always good at remembering to put it on, because I haven’t been training for a long race in a while, so I’m not out in the sun for long, but this is a good reminder.

  2. Sunglasses are my go-to, even when it’s not sunny. My eyes are sensitive to light, and I have very dry skin (wrinkle-prone) so I seldom leave the house without them. I prefer the bug repellent bracelets instead of the spray-on stuff.

  3. I don’t know about sunglasses but running while wearing them for me is a hassle. Adds to the weight and not comfy especially when I’m dripping in sweat. All the others in the list are pretty great though. Don’t forget the sunscreen! 😉

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