VEGA: Fuel Your Better

VEGA: Fuel Your Better

*Please note, I was sent the Vega Performance Protein Powder by the lovely folks over at Vega.  However, I am not being paid for this post. Vega was one of the first protein powders I was introduced to.  Two years ago, we went to pick up our friend for our weekly 7am run and what … Continue reading »

Running Info

Beginner’s Guide Part 6: Rest Days are the Best Days!

“Anyone can train hard. Do you have the discipline to recover?” – Lauren Fleshman   The words “rest days” can be a pain for some runners.  It’s hard to back off training sometimes, especially with “motivational” messages such as “the more the better,” “someone busier is doing more right now,” and “do you think your competition is … Continue reading »

Inside My Mind

Inside My Mind #1

So there I was, in the chip/chocolate aisle in Sobeys, longingly eyeing the Lays chip sale as I was spooning the confetti cake blizzard with Oreo pieces from Dairy Queen into my mouth. This was after pasta from Boston Pizza too (I was supposed to be watching Captain America after the dinner but the screening … Continue reading »