Test Kitchen: 2016 Recipe Fail, Avocado Fries

I have a huge love for avocado and I loveeeeee french fries so when I that the oh so amazing idea of combining the two of them together, I thought that it was going to be the best of both words, a home run. Well I was wrong.Avocado fries

It looked pretty enough – kind of but it just did not work! What I did: cut up the avocado, dredged in flour then dipped into a egg mixture before coating it in breadcrumbs. It came out looking fine but it tasted okay enough but there was a bit on the bitter after taste.

Okay so maybe it was the breadcrumbs. I tried it with panko breadcrumbs. Same results. So maybe it would taste better fried… last night I was eating a chicken with fried avocado sandwich at a restaurant and the results were the same! It tasted fine at first but there was that bitter aftertaste. So clearly frying was not the answer.

No idea what I was doing wrong. Maybe I’ll reattempt in 2017! Anyways, I just wanted to share this little fail with you in case someone out there knows what I’m doing wrong! I hope everyone has had an amazing 2016 and I’ll see you all in 2017 🙂

QOTD: Have you tried making avocado fries before? How did they turn out? Any plans for New Years Eve?

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Test Kitchen: 2016 Recipe Fail, Avocado Fries

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11 thoughts on “Test Kitchen: 2016 Recipe Fail, Avocado Fries

  1. Haha! That’s a great post. If you can’t do it and restaurants can’t either, it makes me think maybe you just can’t fry avocado. Which is a terrible shame because the idea sounds OMG incredible.

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