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Happy Thursday everyone!

Yesterday I was invited to a product launch by Genuine Health for their new Fermented Greek Yogurt Proteins line and it got me thinking. Before listening to the presentation by Holistic Nutritionist Joy McCarthy, I didn’t realized there were so many benefits from adding fermented items into my daily diet.

One thing that really stood out to me was that fermented proteins would cultivate a healthy gut ecology of beneficial bacteria. I knew that our guts had helpful bacteria in it but I was not aware that many of us do not have enough gut bacteria due to our diets. A diet with fermented foods encourage good gut bacteria to flourish.

In addition, having good gut bacteria contributes to a decrease of bloating and produce neurotransmitters! I personally struggle with my mental health and after the presentation, I’ve noticed that the days where I’m struggle more, my diet is usually awful.

Now I plan on adding more fermented items into my diet and see if trying to foster good gut bacteria, whether it makes a difference in my mental health and bloating. One way I plan on adding more fermented items into my diet is by adding  the Fermented Greek Yogurt bar from Genuine Health into my bag (cinnamon pecan is my FAVOURITE, it taste like candy haha) so I can have some on the go and eat more fermented items such as kimchi into my diet.

Thursday Thoughts with Genuine Health


QOTD: Did you know about the benefits of consuming fermented foods?


DISCLAIMER: this was not a paid for post, all opinions are my own. I just wanted to share what I learned at the presentation by Genuine Health.

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts with Genuine Health

  1. One of my coworkers said to me once, “if my gut ain’t right, I ain’t right.” It’s so true! I’ve been trying to get better about my own gut health; it really makes a difference!

  2. fermented yogurt sounds SO STRANGE to me. but i love all fermented foods, so i’m sure i would actually love it. my favorite is kimchi! and i heard its great for you, so i put it on literally everything

  3. I highly rec reading A Mind Of Your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan if you want the latest research into this (depression and mind-gut connection).

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