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Thursday Thoughts: GoodLife Fitness, Polar, and Banana Brownies!

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Guys, as someone who sucks at math and is Canadian, I’m excited to say that 3 GoodLife Fitness locations that I’ve been to have put in new treadmills that are in KMs! KMs!! Game changing! I discovered this when I went to a different location and was amazed. The treadmill can also apparently let you search running paths that it can simulate the terrains such as a certain hilly course in Toronto’s west end (according to my coach at a different location). In addition… SOME ALLOW YOU TO PLAY SUDOKU (I’m assuming while walking). I’m not even kidding. These new treadmills at GoodLife Fitness are game changing. They’re also touch screen with the TV portion built in so you can tap for a full screen. Fancy huh?


I’m now a Polar ambassador! I’m so happy to announce this as I’ve been using my Polar M400 for over a year and rarely took it off my wrist. I’m excited to wear my new Polar V800 and be a part of the Polar team!



I’ve been OBSESSED with Ipanema Valley Banana Brownies. They’re 100% banana compressed to look like a brownie, no added sugars/salt/etc! I just gone through my first pack and I’m currently trying to find a local supermarket that carries them. I loved eating these before/after a run. I got a pack for free and now I’m jonesing for more. Best food discovery ever.

Ipanema Valley Brownies

So tell me, what is something you’ve discovered recently? 


<3 Carmy

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This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own


16 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: GoodLife Fitness, Polar, and Banana Brownies!

  1. We had those treadmills in the gym at my last job. I hope people don’t have enough time and are going easy enough to play sudoku. Maybe that is also just because I am crap at sudoku. Who is to say.

  2. Those banana brownies look awesome!! My grandmother used to make a delicious chocolate cake that had a mashed up banana in it so I’ve always been partial to the chocolate/banana baked goods combination!

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