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Thoughts of a Runner post-break TOL #19

Oh my goodness – I did my first post shin splints run (Sunday was a slow/easy test run so it totally doesn’t count!) and oh my goodness it definitely warrants it’s own Think out Loud Thursdays hosted by lovely Running with Spoons!

I started out strong. When starting, I felt pretty good! It was like every other run and after a while… my thoughts went completely the opposite direction starting at 1.8k… get ready for my jumbled thoughts!

  • This feels great! I feel like I can do this forever. It’s been a while. Wait. It’s only been 1.8k NOT EVEN 2K?! omg. How has it not been 2k yet?
  • My lungs. My goodness, my lungs.
  • Am I almost done?  3k?! How much more do I have to go?!
  • 4, I can do 4 more!
  • WHY are the street light gods giving me all greens today?! I need a red! Red!
  • Maybe I can cut it short… how did I do this before? Why am I so tired?! I’m not even halfway done. Who thought it was a good idea to run?!
  • How did I lose SO much fitness in one week. So eating All You Can Eat sushi twice last week wasn’t a good idea…
  • I’m going out too fast. This is not sustainable.  SLOW DOWN.
  • Those Ruffles probably weren’t a good idea either.
  • Hill. Holy crap this is a hill. When did this path get a hill?!
  • How am I so out of breath from 3.5k? How did I do 21k a few months ago?
  • Okay I need to lay down.
  • Okay so the lesson here is to never take a week off or at least cross train. Darn you shin splints!
  • Okay I’m almost home. I’m almost home. I can do this.

Whew! 7.45k had never seemed so hard! Usually after a (voluntary) break, I come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on any run but not yesterday.  Yesterday was tiring!

How do you usually feel after breaks? I swear by taking breaks post races but usually I don’t feel like this! Haha

<3 Carmy

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Runner post-break TOL #19

  1. I’m still not back to running, but I have been jogging the 0.25 miles to my gym and back home in the mornings. To the gym is all downhill and I breeze in like I just took a leisurely walk. Going home, I get out of breath even though it’s only a 2-3 minute “run” with usually a traffic light stop. I’m sure I will feel just like you when I can finally run for real again. D:

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