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Treadmill Dreadmill

“I would rather brave the storm than go on the dreadmill!”

“I broke down today and did my workout on the treadmill instead of outside.”

“Who actually enjoys the treadmill? I rather be outside!”

Treadmill Dreadmill: the treadmill doesn't have to be a bore! Reasons why the treadmill rocks

Okay, so how often do you hear people say negative things about treadmill running or see captions similar to the quotes above online? There’s thing negative vibe associated with running on the treadmill and that you’re “stronger” if you are able to run outside despite the weather condition. Well you know what, I love the treadmill and people need to stop poo-pooing on people choice to take it indoors.

Pace on point.

As much as the treadmill can be “boring,” there are plenty of reasons to give running on the treadmill a go. I personally do not feel comfortable doing a tempo run or intervals outside when the weather is bad. Yes a little rain doesn’t hurt but where I live, sometimes that rain quickly turns into icy roads and I’m not risking a bad fall.

One of the major benefits I find with training on the treadmill is that I’m always on my target pace. With just a push of a button, I don’t have to think about if I’m running at the correct pace or not. I don’t have to worry about ruining my set because I ran into a red light nor do I have to worry about angry cyclists trying to run me over in the bike/run paths. Also, I have have music blasting around me without having worry about not hearing someone behind me trying to pass.

The treadmill does not have to be the dreadmill.

During the winter, I ran on the treadmill a lot. 4/5 of my runs were on the treadmill and I tend to get the same question about my runs whenever someone finds out I’ve been training on a treadmill: How do you do it? Don’t you get bored?

Well, yes I get bored. But I also get bored outside too. But when I’m on the treadmill, I can always do something to alleviate the boredom. When I am somewhere with wifi, you can bet that I have my phone out and Netlix playing. I’ve watched an entire season of Gilmore Girls just on the treadmill alone. In addition, I have my all time favourite podcasts reserved for the treadmill (or when I need to cross train on the bike/elliptical) so I’m always looking forward to being indoors.

Another reason why I love the treadmill is that I get to run with anyone I want. I don’t have to ever worry about slowing the group down because despite running at different paces, being on the treadmill means we are side by side. When I was helping someone get through their first 5k while I was doing my intervals, it was much easier to motivate her while I was beside her and she admitted that she had preferred that to the track where I would lap her. It was a win-win for us.

No excuses

The treadmill can be a safe, convenient, and efficient option for a lot of runners. For example, you could have your child sleeping in the next room and you can still get your run in without needing to get a babysitter to get outside. Or you work the late shift/you had gotten off late and you need to get a run in. The treadmill is a convenient safe option for those who do not feel comfortable running outside late at night. With a treadmill, there is really no excuse (aside from injury) to skip your runs. You could have jumped on the treadmill while waiting for a conference call or the washer repair guy to come by. You could have stopped by the gym during your lunch hour and do a quick 30 minute run and be back at work with your lunch in hand before the hour is even up without worrying that you got lost/cramped and needed to walk back/etc etc.

QOTD: How do you feel about running on the treadmill?

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12 thoughts on “Treadmill Dreadmill

  1. I do prefer to run outside but sometimes the treadmill really works for me. ottawa winter running is no joke and if the sidewalks are not clear, I’m on the treadmill. Also if I, having and GI issues, being close to the washroom is super great, lol.

    When we move, I’m getting a treadmill. It should make my life so much easier – especially next year when I start working full time (hopefully)

  2. I like the treadmill for it’s convenience, which is why I would like to have my own one day. However, I feel like I don’t run as well on the treadmill, so I prefer to run outside. There is definitely a place for it though, especially when the conditions are too dangerous for outdoor running!

  3. I have days when I prefer one, days when I prefer the other. Right now, I will take running in any and all forms! But I have to run outside if I am running first thing. Otherwise it is like pulling teeth.

  4. There is definitely a time and place where the treadmill is perfect. On the whole, I prefer not to use one. Yet there have been many times when I had a blast – it’s the only time I run AND listen to music so that’s fun.

  5. Haha, I just wrote a blog entry about the same thing 🙂 I’ve spent most of my time on the treadmill probably since November when the temperatures took a dive. I use it as my time to get caught up on reality tv shows!

  6. Great post Carmy! I often feel the same way about a treadmill as your statements at the top of your post. I would only resort to the treadmill if I absolutely had to. I will say that doing some intervals on the treadmill can be a really good thing though as it can help you dial in your effort and pace a bit better than you can outside (particularly if footing is bad or if it is really windy). I think I’ve come to accept the treadmill now instead of hating it with a passion.

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