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5 Treatments for Injured Runners

Today I have for you another guest post from a local physiotherapy clinic, Health Max Physio. This week, we are covering injuries as it’s around this time of year that we are peaking at our mileage for spring goal races and we are walking a fine line.

5 Treatments for Injured Runners

As physiotherapy experts we rarely get the chance to educate the general population about treatments for injuries. We often treat people from running communities who have suffered injuries or want to manage pain associated with wear and tear. Unfortunate injuries like a pulled hamstring could have a negative impact on your health down the road. Allow us to get a bit more medical-minded today. Here are 5 treatments for injured runners who are experiencing chronic pain.  

Laser Therapy

Runners experience ailments associated with repetitive stress to certain areas of the body or general “wear and tear” issues that arise every now and then. Laser therapy is a form of treatment that many physiotherapists apply in an effort to reduce pain. Distressed cells in the body exist due to a lack of energy in these cells, therefore laser therapy essentially stimulates energy back into cells that need it. The infrared lights promote energy rich-molecules to these cells and could accelerate the rehabilitation of an injury.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

If you love to run hills or suffered a nasty fall while running then your neck and back may cause unbearable pain. Spinal decompression therapy is an application used to take pressure off the spine; giving your back, neck and spine some much needed relaxation. Spinal decompression therapy is mostly used for patients who have bulging discs or worn spinal joints however runners also benefit from this form of therapy after injuries.

Aquatic Therapy

If you’re an injured runner then a few sessions in a warm water pool may be exactly what you need. Aquatic therapy is used for those who are suffering from pain but still want to get a good workout. The warm water supplements gravity, taking pressure off your joints and giving you the same workout you would get while running. Find a warm water pool near you and get a good exercise routine if you would still like to exercise while injured.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you constantly suffer from sore muscles after a long run then deep tissue massage may be right for you. Deep tissue massage stimulates muscles and promotes circulation, which is key to a quick recovery. Registered massage therapists will focus on the affected areas making sure that blood flows to the area quickly. This could speed up recovery after an injury or relieve general soreness pain.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a common form of treatment for the running community because plantar fasciitis affects many runners. Shockwave therapy uses frequent bursts of mechanical energy to increase blood flow, reduce muscle spasms and decrease pain. Shockwave therapy is the most common form of treatment for those who suffer from tendinitis or plantar fasciitis because it promotes cell growth at a quick pace.  

QOTD: How do you tread your injuries??

This post was brought to you by HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics. If you need help increasing your movement, function or working on your stretching, be sure to look them up!

DISCLAIMER: this is not a paid for or sponsored post.

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12 thoughts on “5 Treatments for Injured Runners

  1. So we used to do shockwave on our horses 😀 That was the first time that I heard about it (so it was new to me that it would be used on people) but now we do things like massage and accupuncture on them, too! Which I originally only knew about being used on humans!

  2. I love getting a deep tissue massage!! It feels awesome and it really keeps me healthy for the next round of workouts. Also, I love the pool. Such a great form of cross training and still keeps up fitness. Great info and the other therapies I haven’t tried, but love reading about it!

  3. I have done laser therapy and I regularly see I chiropractor, I have had deep tissue massages but they hurt. I try to stretch and foam roll to prevent injuries.

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