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Types of Runs I Run

Think that running is just lacing up your shoes and going? Well not for me! There are many types of runs I go on and here are a few.

The “Interval” Run (aka the “I hate the track” run)

The “I have a million other things to do” Run

Types of Runs I Go On

The “I ate 5 turkeys over the holidays” Run

The “I’m lost so lets just keep running straight and hope for the best” Run

The “I Gotta Go Pee” Speed Run

QOTD: What’s your favourite type of run?

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10 thoughts on “Types of Runs I Run

  1. LOL! Funny!

    Sadly, I”m probably more of that plodding I ate 5 turkeys run, but I’d like to think I”m a bit more impressive than that. At least some of the time.

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