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April 19th is The Yonge Street 10k race and unfortunately, I’m injured.  Yesterday I had set out to do my long run but around 5k into my run, the lower shin bone on my left leg was on freaking fire.  It felt like the bone was going to snap into two and I knew that I was done.

I always chase after a PB/PR but for the first time since I started running, I’m not racing a race. I’ve never really been one of those people who use races as training runs (but I was debating about it before I took Scotiabank Half Marathon in Montreal out of the picture).  I believe that if I’m entering a race, I owe it to myself to do the best that I can and I can do training runs whenever without paying for it.

It feels kind of upsetting to admit but I personally knew that I wouldn’t be beating my previous 10k time as I’ve lost a lot of fitness over the winter.  If you haven’t read my previous blog posts, winter had been hard on me.  I had ITB, shin splints, and calf pain from running in the snow and so I had to take some time off.  However, I was still hoping to do a decently paced 10k as I had felt better in the last month.  But that’s out of the picture…

I’m hoping that it’s nothing serious but I know it’s for the best. Better to take it easy than to hurt myself and end up being bench all race season.


Anyone have any similar stories to share so I can stop sulking? I know I’m not alone in this as shin splints is very common in the running community.  How long did you take off to recovery?

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32 thoughts on “Thoughts on TYS10K

  1. Oh No’s 🙁

    Having your shin feel like its on fire may not normal shin splint feelings. I thought I had shin splints and it was a stress fracture. I ran a half marathon on a stress fracture and everything. But – it never really hurt that bad – except when it was about to rain (seriously)

    I took the entire month of June off and a bit of July – I started marathon training and it never really bothered me again.

    • LALALALALA <--- my denial of anything worse than shin splints. haha. Sigh, I'm REALLY hoping it's nothing serious... How did your stress fracture feel :/?? I reeeeally don't want to take time off. Tell me it isn't so Rebecca! ):

      • So about 10 days before Ottawa half marathon last year, I made it 1KM down the road and BOOM, started limping. I may have used a choice word, turned around and walked home. Not a good sign at all. I took the next 10 days off – lots of ice and compression socks. I remember telling my running friend from school and she was all 😮 face and “ummm, that isn’t right”. I did run the half and it honestly did not give me that much problem, but I remember stopping about 18K in for a second and rubbing my leg a bit because it felt a bit weird – but little pain.

        The next few weeks, the pain got worse and worse – again, never really hurting, but a dull ache all the time. If I wore flats at work, I would be feeling it. I remember icing my leg at work a couple of times. I could always feel one part of my leg that felt ouchy if I touched it. In mid-June after not running for 2 weeks, and still feeling the spot, I went to the doctors – ONE MONTH LATER, the bone scan showed a healing fracture in one leg and shin splints in the other.

  2. similar sad tale:
    i was training for a September Half Marathon, in August I got sidelined with an undiagnoseable foot pain. Did not run my Half. Also missed the first 2 Cross Country races, was ill-prepared for the 3rd, but ran anyway.

    finally started to feel better, ran all around the trails on the snow, till i had to quit before i got home one day with weirdo knee pains. that was i january. now i’ll be missing the first 5peaks, cuz it’s still not quite right.


    • ): I’m going 5peaks in like July so fingers crossed we’re both good for that!!! I actually just had some ice cream haha, maybe we can sulk over ice cream together. Sigh, I need to get better Caitlin!!!

  3. Ughh no! Sending well wishes your way!
    I will say, I never used to run races without aiming for a PR, because I felt similarly (and races are expensive!). But last year, I changed that, and now I sign up for ALL the races my little wallet can handle. I love it now! It’s awesome to show up at a race without stressing over every little thing and lining up filled with nerves and anxiety. I still love a good old all-out race, but maybe this experience will open you up to enjoying a race as a training run…with a lot more buddies than usual 🙂

  4. hugs mama. i haven’t had shin splints in years but i do remember it is painful. do you wear compressionsocks? I have read that that can help some.

  5. oh no I’m sorry!!! haven’t had shin splints since my early years of running but had a foot injury a year ago that was pretty debbie downeresque. Just remember this too shall pass and longer term health is most important! Definitely wear compression to help alleviate the pain.

  6. I’ve never had shin splints specifically but injured? Been there and done that. Listening to your body is tough especially if it’s telling you “don’t'” but in the long run you’ll be glad you did.

  7. Oh man I hope the pain subsides quickly! I’m currently suffering some sort of ankle issue after my marathon last month. I try to focus on what I can do instead of what I cannot do, and give my body the time to heal that it is asking for! Hang in there !

  8. I haven’t been following your story all that long, but I am sure you must have seen a doctor and had some x-rays done, right? In my experience shin splints don’t last very long.

  9. I haven’t had shin splints, but I had some calf issues a couple of years ago that I ignored and still ran and ended up in a worse place than if I’d just taken some time off. Hope some time off solve the problem quickly for you.

  10. I was constantly battling shin splints anytime I upped my mileage until I got custom orthotics. Now they very rarely, if ever, bother me. I have to be pretty conscious of making sure I’m stretching enough before and after my runs as well.

  11. I don’t have an injury, but I did lose a lot of fitness over the winter as well. Winter always hits me hard and this year was especially bad. I’m finally getting back in the gym this month and it’s kind of disheartening to see how much progress I’ve lost.
    We’ll get through it though 😀

  12. I was training for my first half mary and it was going to be in Bermuda. During training three weeks before the race, half way out on a run I developed hip a searing pain in my hip. I was out on a trail, my phone was dying and it was getting dark! I had to limp run back to my car. By the time I got there I could barely stand. That injury took me out of the race and I was extremely disappointed. On the bright side, I discovered hooping while I was recouping and I’m sure it contributed greatly to my recovery. Hope you recover soon and get back out there!

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