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Under $20 Stocking Stuffers for Runners

It’s that time of the year again!  The panic of “omg what do I get her/him” is settling in and you’re starting to lose it as they go “oh anything is fine!” Or if you want to send this to a loved one as a hint…  I am sharing my under $20 stocking stuffers for runners/ runners gift ideas!

under $20 gifts runners


  • UD’s Fastdraw  – the little pouch is perfect to stick your key, credit card, or some energy chews in. I find that the these bottles have less of a plastic taste/scent to them compared to the FuelBelt that I had to return.



  • Heat Factory Large Hand and Body Warmer, Pack of 10 $10 via Amazon – an easy way and disposable way to keep your hands and body warm while waiting for the race to start! I have the reusable and disposable ones at home and they are amazingggggg. They’re also great to rub on your ITB and calves before a race on a cool day if you or your runner friend is prone to injuries in those areas.

  • SUPER cute “a toast to your PB” card to congratulate the runner(s) in your life on their personal bests! $4.95

I tried to stay away from edibles as everyone has a different taste so unless you know the person well enough to know what does or does not upset their stomach, I would stay clear of that!

So what’s on your wishlist this Christmas?  I would love to know if you have any more products under $20 to recommend.  Do you have anything on the list?

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32 thoughts on “Under $20 Stocking Stuffers for Runners

    • I have a pretzel headlamp (that I “borrowed”) from my BF and it is amazing! All those weird potholes I would have totally fallen into if it wasn’t for the lamp!

  1. Love these gift ideas!! I was actually looking for a head lamp earlier this week — I don’t get to see the sun because of work, so the only time I can go running at home is at night. Safety is definitely important 🙂

    • I have a pretzel headlamp (that I “borrowed”) from my BF and it is amazing! All those weird potholes I would have totally fallen into if it wasn’t for the lamp! It TOTALLY sucks how now it’s dark by like 4:30pm and it’s hard to sneak in a mid day run!

    • right?! AND the card fills my love for peanut butter hahahaha. I have the bigger version of the trigger point roller and I sooo want the mini. I use my friend’s and it’s amazing.

    • yes! to the headlamp and the card! I feel like everyone should own a headlamp whether it be for running or just digging through a closet/in case of blackouts LOL

  2. Dangit, my girlfriend asked if there were any running stocking stuffers I’d want and I told her running stuff was too expensive. Maybe there’s still time to show her this blog post…

  3. The hand warmers are an awesome idea. Very simple, but very effective. My hands get ridiculously cold during the winter. Another good, somewhat cheap idea is yak tracks if you live in an area where there is a lot of snow and ice.

    Another awesome gift for runners right at $20 is a Runners On The Go membership, (shameless plug) it helps runners do more of their passion for the same money by getting them great deals on running related expenses.

    We offer a free trial membership at if anyone wants to test drive it.

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