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5 Underrated Running Spots in Toronto

Slowly but surely the weather is getting warmer here in Toronto, though it still a little confused on what season it wants to stick with. We’ve highlighted indoor tracks, trails, and hills in the past but today we did a little searching and found some fantastic places for those who love to run. Today we present 5 underrated places to go running in Toronto.

Taylor Creek Trail

Located in the east end of Toronto is Taylor Creek Park, a beautiful park that runs alongside the Don Valley Parkway. This park has wonderful streams, really awesome sights and a 3.5km trail which is perfect for those who love to run. If you really love nature, Taylor Creek is definitely a place you must check out.

Kew Gardens

Another east end masterpiece, Kew Gardens is a Park that meets the Beaches in Toronto. Kew Gardens has just about everything you need for a great time including: winter fire pits, snack bars, tennis courts and water bottle filling stations. However, for those of you who love to run, Kew Gardens gives you a great option of strolling through the park or running on the beach. If you’re looking to strengthen those calves then running on the sand is probably your best option at Kew Gardens.

Palace Pier Park

Can’t forget the west side, Palace Pier Park located in Etobicoke is an underrated gem with spectacular views. Situation alongside the Humber River, Palace Pier Park features 22kms worth of trails which is great for runners, walkers, joggers, and cyclists. If you live in the west-end of Toronto then Palace Pier Park should definitely be on your radar.

Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park is unique because it may be the only place in Canada where you could go for a run and then enter a legislative building for a free guided tour. Queen’s Park is ideal for those who live in downtown Toronto and are always looking for different places to get active. Cool sights, museums, monuments, and statues are just a few spectacular features that make Queen’s Park one of the best places in the city to go running.

Cedarvale Ravine

We did a little digging and found an underrated trail located just north of downtown Toronto called Cedarvale Ravine. This 7km trail which is popular amongst residents living in the upscale neighbourhood of Forest HIll offers a naturalistic feel. For those of you who would like to check out something different, the Cedarvale Ravine is a quiet, underrated, and convenient space in the city.

QOTD: Tell me about your favourite running spot!

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15 thoughts on “5 Underrated Running Spots in Toronto

  1. I ran a race on Sunday in the city where I went to college, but the majority of the race was in areas I had never before explored. It was SO much fun! As much as I like the comfort of doing repeat races, the “unknown” definitely is a lot more fun 😉

  2. Sometimes, those little, underrated paths are the ones that are the best. I have a few places I really enjoy running, but my favorite is probably along the bayfront in our historic area. It’s quiet and peaceful and so scenic.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Toronto! Sounds like you have a lot of beautiful places to run. I’ll let you know when I make it up there and you can take me on a tour! 🙂

  4. I usually run along the lakeshore, but with so many long runs in marathon training I got bored (I would run from downtown to up the humber river trail- it IS amazing). So I started going east and exploring the trails by the Don Valley and out onto the Leslie Spit. So many nice places to run in this city!

  5. Those sound like some great spots! I haven’t explored any running spots around Toronto aside from pushing along my own neighbourhood and up/down the north part of Yonge. I’ll have to check these out!

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