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*Please note, I was sent the Vega Performance Protein Powder by the lovely folks over at Vega.  However, I am not being paid for this post.

Vega was one of the first protein powders I was introduced to.  Two years ago, we went to pick up our friend for our weekly 7am run and what do you know… she was asleep!  So when we finally woke her up, she informed us that she wasn’t in the mood to run and she’ll cook us breakfast if we were to go without her (to make up for the fact that we drove all the way to her house!) and since I’m a sucker for free food, we came back after our run for breakfast!  That was when she introduced me to her tub of Vega!  She had used her protein powder to make us pancakes and they were delicious!  So over the years, I used Vega on and off as I loved trying new things (and my boyfriend constantly buys different types of protein powders for himself) but I always went back to Vega.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been using Vega after my training runs with Black Toe Running and honestly, I feel like it’s shorten the time it took for me to recovery between Wednesday’s intervals and Friday’s tempo run.

Today, I have for you a little recipe for what I call my “no-bake recovery bites.”  They’re super easy to make and don’t involve baking or much measuring!  As much as I like to drink my recovery protein from Vega… I love eating it more!

The Vega protein powder I’m using is the recovery one (hence the recovery bites) and they’re supposed to

  • Improve strength and exercise performance
  • Repair and build muscles
  • Reduce recovery time between training

Which makes it perfect as a little post run snack! It’s the best of both worlds:  I get to snack on something and recover faster!


photo6 (4)

I’m using 5 ingredients: Honey, Peanut Butter, Oats, Sunflower Seeds, and Vega Sport

You can substitute peanut butter for almond butter or another type if you’d like.  I’m using sunflower seeds because they provide me with Vitamin E and Magnesium.  You can add or use different types of nuts and seeds such as flaxseeds, almonds, or even chocolate bits instead if you’d like.  What I have here makes around a dozen.

photo5 (7)

Step One: Mix in 1 packet of Vega and the same amount of oats.

photo4 (8)

Step Two:  Get cracking and pop some sunflower seeds in the mixture

photo3 (11)

Step Three: Peanut Butter!  I used 3 spoonfuls but you can add as much as you want to make sure everything sticks together

photo2 (13)

Step Four: Add some honey, Honey 😉  I prefer my snacks sweet so I added honey, if you don’t, feel free to skip this step

photo1 (26)

Step Five: Stir it all up and roll it into a ball!

Step Six: Pop it into the fridge to cool for around 30-60 minutes.

photo1 (27)

Step Seven: Enjoy them outside on your patio post run!

And there you have it!  Perfect post run treats to help you recover, satisfy munching cravings, and to help you fuel your better!

So tell me, what do you use to fuel your runs?  Have you tried Vega?

Stay tuned next week as I try a different recovery method!

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