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Warm Ups and Cool Downs!

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A very important thing to do to reduce the risk of injury and have a productive workout are warm ups and cool downs.

I tend to do a quick jog first before I do some light stretching for warm ups.  For training runs, we – as a group= run together to the training grounds to do our warm up routine but when I’m alone, I usually run for 5-10 minutes before I start the warm up.

So here’s a quick post on the warm ups/cool downs that I like to do!

High Knees

Standing tall and raising your left leg up to a 90 degree angle as you pump your right arm back.  Place your leg back down and repeat with the right leg/left arm.  Repeat for 1 minute

Butt Kicks

While jogging on the spot, kick your feet back til your heels hit your booty.  Repeat for 1 minute.

Inch Worms

Bending over at your waist with your fingertips on the ground, walk your hands forward til you look like you’re in a push up position.  Afterwards, walk your feet towards your hands so you end up in the same position you started in.  Repeat a 4-5 times


Here (link) Runner’s Academy explains the benefits of strides and how to do them.

For my cool downs, I usually do a slow “shakeout” run for 5 to 10 minutes again then start stretching.  You can click here for one of my previous posts of my favourite yoga poses for runners that I like to do during my cool downs.


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3 thoughts on “Warm Ups and Cool Downs!

  1. I am pretty good with stretching and warming up … well, I start my runs slowly. 🙂 I am better at cooling down at least! This is a great reminder – we need to make sure to take care of our bodies outside of our workouts!

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