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What Running Has Taught Me

Things Running Has Taught Me

1. It doesn’t get easier – you just get faster.

Things Running Has Taught Me

2. You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat race volunteers. Yes someone may be too tired or focused to thank them at the water station but was there a thank you at baggage check, baggage claim, etc? Says a lot about someone.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Be the best you can be and stop focusing on everyone else.

4. There is no secret recipe for success. Your results will reflect your efforts. Work hard and results will come.

Things Running Has Taught Me

5. Go pee even if you don’t have to. The lines will get long!

6. The 15 minute rule – if you don’t feel like running, go for 15 minutes regardless and see how it goes/where it takes you.

7. Set backs happen. No matter how prepared you may be, sometimes you hit a road block and that’s okay. Pick yourself up and reexamine things before proceeding. You may have to take a detour but you’ll get there eventually.

8. Everyday is different – you can nail a run at the beginning of the week but run a difficult one later on.  It happens. Move on!

9. Running is not like studying – you can’t cram for a race!

10. Pace yourself. Learn to “slow down” and not run every run hard.

So what has running taught you?

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13 thoughts on “What Running Has Taught Me

  1. Great list! So true on peeing even if you don’t have to! I also like your don’t compare yourself to others, it’s not a competition with them but with yourself!

  2. Yes to all of the above. You are SO right about being able to tell what kind of person they are by how they treat the volunteers!! People can be awful to them and that drives me crazy! We wouldn’t be running races if it weren’t for volunteers!!

  3. All of these are spot on! I especially love #3 – running is an individual sport, so it should be that much easier to celebrate others in their successes, and be there for them in their failures.
    Running has taught me many things…probably the best being that you are capable of so much more than you believe. Keep working hard, be consistent, and over time, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve 🙂

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