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As a runner, my IT band has gotten a bit wonky over the years.  Tonight, I’ll be getting another massage to help work out the kinks but I find that constant stretching post-run and just whenever I have time to really help.  I’ve been asked by runners who are just starting out what kind of stretches that is most effective for runners.  These poses are what I have found to be a great way to cool down and stretch out my leg muscles and hips personally after a run.

Pictures from Yoga Journal are linked with additional instructions.

1. Standing Forward Bend

  • helps with opening up your hamstrings and calves.

2. Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend

  • helps with stretching out the back of your legs.

3 & 4. Low LungeLizard Pose

  • helps you stretch/open your hip flexors (something I tend to have a lot of trouble with!)

5. Pigeon Pose 

  • helps open up your hips

6.  Downward Dog & Three Legged Dog Variations

  • dogward dog helps with stretching out your calves and the variations helps with calves and hips

7. Seated Forward Fold

  • I find this one stretches the back of my legs well

8. Reclining Twist

  • stretches out my lower back a bit and the back of my thighs

So let me know, do you do any yoga?  Are there specific stretches you find to be effective for you and would like to share?  And how are you today? 🙂


<3 Carmy

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