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5 GTA Trails You Must Visit This Spring

A few weeks ago we wrote that the weather would be heating up and we could all participate in outdoor activities; unfortunately we were wrong because the weather is still awful. We’re still battling rain, ice, snow and wind but surely the warm weather is around the corner. When this much anticipated humidity enters our lives, we recommend hiking. Hiking strengthens the calves and other muscles which is extremely important when it comes to your physical health. Problems such as bad posture, which leads to back pain is caused by pressure on the spine. Working on having strong back muscles will alleviate this pressure. Hiking is one of those activities that strengthens plenty muscles and gives you a great workout which is why we’re focusing on 5 great Toronto-area hiking trails today.

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Rattlesnake Point – Halton

Located in the Halton region is a personal favorite of ours: Rattlesnake Point.This area has trails for kids, beginners and experts, not to mention spectacular cliff views which allow for amazing sights. Rattlesnake Point is made up of 12.7km worth of trails and if you’re up for a challenge, there’s a difficult 7.2km Nassagaweya trail (one way) which leads to Crawford Lake. These trails are unique because you will witness recreated Native American grounds, lakeviews and gigantic cliffs.

The Bruce Trail – Southwestern Ontario

The Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest marked trail which expands all throughout Southwestern Ontario. The trail itself is 840kms long with side trails totaling 440kms so there is no way you’ll ever be able to complete the whole thing in one day. However, if you’re up for the challenge, many hiking clubs set out to conquer the Bruce Trail each summer. This trail wraps around waterfalls, quarries, and other interesting aspects of nature so be sure to check out any of its nine sections.

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Don River Trail – Toronto

For those who live in or near the city, the Don River Trail is arguably the most popular trail in Ontario. This 13.8km trail located in the city has a very low degree of difficulty and is extremely popular amongst cyclists. This urban trail doesn’t offer the same naturistic feel as Rattlesnake Point or the Bruce Trail however it’s one of the better trails for cyclists because of convenience and the number of  rest areas.

Niagara on the Lake Waterfront Trail – Niagara

For those with access to a vehicle, you have to check out the Niagara on the Lake Waterfront Trail. It’s extremely rare for a trail to have shops, restaurants, wineries, and two Military Forts but the Niagara on the Lake Waterfront Trail has all of these things in addition to waterfront views. This 7.3km trail has three surfaces and is great for those looking for an escape from the city.

Leslie Street Spit Trail – Toronto

This 5km trail located just east of downtown Toronto is highly recommended because of the fact that almost 400 plant species have been identified on this trail and some are extremely rare. For nature lovers, this 10-15km trail is perfect for you as it’s located near the city and offers plenty of intrigue to plant lovers. The Leslie Street Spit Trail was once expected to be a part of the harbourfront expansion but with the decline in lake shipping, nature decided to take over and it’s simply a beautiful trail.

QOTD: Where are your favourite trails located??


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12 thoughts on “5 GTA Trails You Must Visit This Spring

  1. You have such beautiful trails to run! I need to work on finding some good ones, I haven’t ventured out on trails yet. I’m sure I can find some around me in Iowa somewhere 🙂

  2. Gorgeous!

    I am only recently coming into trails, and I have to admit, we don’t have many around. For one thing, our terrain is incredibly flat, so it’s really just flat, dirt-covered paths in the woods LOL.

    I would love to be able to get out and see more natural paths!

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