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Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!


I’m a fitness enthusiast who’s love for fitness started while in high school. Having fallen into the freshmen 15 trap after taking a break from fitness, I was unhappy with myself so I picked up where I left off with the sport that I fell in love with at 16. I started running again before signing up for my first half marathon. And the rest was history!

Over the years, I’ve grown a whole lot over in regards to my athletic abilities.  It seems like every day, I am learning more and more about what my body is capable of.  It seems just like yesterday when I was unable to keep up with my friends during our first 5k run and yet, here I am, capable of running a half marathon!



I’m a believer of collecting experiences and memories over things. While I do have a soft spot for shopping, I much rather spend my money on traveling. I lost my mum while in high school to cancer – it was an unfortunate experience but it has taught me that life is short and that it is important to do what you love and create as many memories as possible. For more travel specific photos, you can find me at @curiouslychasing!



I love love love love food! I love spending time experimenting with recipes and I love going out and trying new places! I find that with food, brings happiness. Sharing a meal with someone I care for means the world to me, whether it be something fancy or a slice of pizza, it’s another way to create memories that I can look back upon. I believe that food should be delicious, to be enjoyed – therefore recipes I share will always be delicious! From healthy recipes to comfort food to indulgent desserts, delicious is my main game. For food specific photos, you can find me at @CarmysHungry

What I Ate: Disney

Follow along here as I explore the world, eat all the food that I can, and run all the miles!

Examples of Past Partnerships and Collaborations:


Sport Chek Ambassador


Polar Global Ambassador
Oakville Mercedes Benz 10K Ambassador
Achilles 5K Ambassador
RBC Race for the Kids Ambassador
Sport Chek Ambassador
New Balance


GoodLife Fitness Blog Ambassador
The Yonge Street 10K Digital Ambassador
5 Peaks Ambassador
Nike Campus Ambassdor
canfitpro Ambassador
Burnbrae Farms Fitness Ambassador

Places to find me:

Twitter – @runcarmyrun
Instagram – Main Account: @runcarmyrun
Other Instagrams:  @curiouslychasing @CarmysHungry @otherpeoplesdogsCA  @rotheshihtzu

Email – carmy[@]carmyy.com
Snapchat – runcarmyrun
Youtube – Vlogs

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