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55 Hours in New York City!

Oh how I wished I had more than 55 hours in New York City. There were so many museums and places I had wanted to see along with foodie spots I wanted to eat at that I’m already planning my trip back! Last week, the girls and I drove down to New York City from Toronto and here’s what we managed to fit into 55 hours!

55 Hours in New York City

where we STAYED in New York

We ended up staying with a friend of Allison in Queens. We were so happy that we were able to save money by not having to pay for our accommodations. While this meant we were a wee bit further from Manhattan, it gave us the chance to ride the MTA! It was pretty fun checking out their subway system compared to Toronto (where we really only have two lines if we are being completely honest…).

where we WENT in New York

So we are totally suckers for a good touristy area. We went to Times Square and could not help ourselves when we saw the M&M store! After staring at all he flashing lights in awe, we ran to the M&M store to fill ourselves up with sugar.

55 Hours in New York City

Because we had limited time in NYC and we were to spend most of Saturday watching the New Balance 5th Ave Mile race (where I got to meet Patty of Reach Your Peak!), we wanted to see the memorial no matter what. After that, we stopped by Brookfield Place Mall which was across the street.

55 Hours in New York City

We went there on foot so we walked through Washington Square Park to get there. While Allison and I went round the park taking touristy photos, Michelle and Cathy went splashing in the pool. Major tip: keep some baby wipes in your bag! We had used the public washroom there and I ended up sharing Allison’s baby wipes in my bag with all the young ladies in line who needed to pee as the stalls were all out of paper!

55 Hours in New York City

what we ATE in New York

We are not too picky as we did not have a list of places we wanted to go. A lot of what we ate involved us being super hungry and walking into the first place we saw! We had checked out City Kitchen while wandering around Time Square in the evening. Then we saw Kellogg’s NYC and ran inside super excited because we love our cereal! We ended up going back in the morning for breakfast and met up with Nicole from FitFulFocus! We also stopped by Bareburger and bought all the snacks from Target (oh how we miss you Target in Canada).

55 Hours in New York City

where to RUN in New York

And now onto the best part of the trip: running! Other than me sprinting up and down the mile on 5th with my bag filled with everyone’s stuff, we of course had to run through Central ParkI loved running through it! While the paths off to the side were super cute, I loved running on the running/biking path. It was very clearly marked so runners had their down up/down lane and cyclists had their own (and the horse drawn carriage had their own too!) and took us on a 10K loop around the park. It was hillier than expected but I loved how it was easy to enjoy the view and not stress out about the hill or distance. We also did a little running on the Brooklyn Bridge and the park under the bridge. The bridge is tourist central 101 so if you want to run on the bridge, go early!

55 Hours in New York City

55 Hours in New York City

55 Hours in New York City

QOTD: Have you been to New York? What’s your favourite thing to do there and place to run?

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66 thoughts on “55 Hours in New York City!


  2. I always love reading blog posts about NYC. Everyone seems to do their own thing when there and all the experiences I read about are different than my own. For example, I had no idea there was a whole place devoted to Kellogg’s! How cool is that? Also, I did see the M&M store last time I was there, but my husband wouldn’t let me go. (He’s mean. lol.)

    I feel like bathrooms are always hard to come by in the city. Basically, if you see one, GO! 🙂

    Did you do anything specific to Queens? I’ve done a lot in Manhattan, but I’d love to hear more about things to do in Queens. 🙂

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  4. Yay! Glad that you managed to stuff so many activities + eats in while you were in NYC! I definitely did that the first time I went there as well (there are so, soooo many eateries <3)!

  5. I’d like to go back to NYC again. We were there also for a short time, really like 12 hours. We saw a lot but missed a lot! I remember visiting Ground Zero too and thinking, “I won’t cry”. Nope. Every cries when they go there. #CityTripping

  6. Gosh that sounds like a great trip. I have been to NYC once but was so young I do not remember that much. I would love to go to Times Square just one time on New Years. I guess the only big thing I would like to do that you did not have time for would be Coney Island and Nathans Hot Dogs.

  7. My favorite place in New York is and remains the Village… I know, there are much more cool places to see in town, of course. But nothing like the Greenwich Village atmosphere to feel the city at its best.

  8. Looks like you had a great stay in NYC, and I adore your photos. I still haven’t been there yet, but I’m actually catching a connecting flight there in November! I’m just hoping that a 6 hrs layover is enough to get out of the airport and do some quick sightseeing!

  9. your article is superb!! and will help us to plan our trip for short time duration as mostly get opportunities to visit during office purpose so not much time left… but the article will prove to be of great help.

  10. I really want to visit nyc! I will do it in the next years. You did quite a lot in 55 hours. Love it. I remember seeing the m&m stores also in Florida when I was there.

  11. This looks so great – I love that you just got out and did it. I had a chance o go to NY for a short time recently, and turned it down because I didn’t think I’d get to see the city – now I know I could have done it!

  12. You must had an amazing time out there! So jealous. NYC is gorgeous. It’s great how you managed your food and found a place to run.

  13. You definitely had a rather different New York experience to me! I am by no means a runner, and my time in Central Park was spent hungover from exploring the NYC bars the night before! haha. Nice to see the healthy side of the city (for once!).

  14. I bet not even a month would be enough to see all NY has to offer, but you got to see and do lots of stuff in just 55 hours! 😀
    Plus, NY really seems like a very runner-friendly city! I must say I’m not a dedicate runner, but I enjoy going running from time to time, especially when I’m traveling for a long time. However, I often struggle to find the right place to do so in some of the cities I visit …

    P.S. That M&M’s store would be the end of me, I’m a total sucker for M&M’s haha 🙂

  15. But how so you didn’t eat a bagel? or a New York Cheesecake!? I love planning express city trips, but a city this size I think it deserves a bit more! Anyway, it seems like you really enjoyed of the visit!

  16. I love New York. I’ve only managed to make it there twice from London (UK). Love the pic of running around that lake. When I did a few years back, weirdly enough, images from the film ‘Marathon Man’ with Dustin Hoffman kept popping inot my head – albeit noone was chasing me! A great post.

  17. Your first stop – M&M store was enough to get me excited. I love M&Ms and always make it a point to buy them at every airport. And the thought of picking all that I want and like in an exclusive store….WOW!

  18. How awesome – 55 hours in NYC seemed to be just enough to have a few adventures. I love the pictures of you running through central park, and it’s lucky that you could stay with a friend. I haven’t been in ages, and this post is really making me want to go back 🙂

  19. I have never been to New York but I understand your rush to get into the M&M store, I did the same time the first time I visited London, haha. I can’t believe you even managed to get a run into your 55 hours visit, that’s impressive.

  20. Looking at your post I feel how lucky you are that you got to spend 55 hours in New york. But I know if I ever go there I would love to stay more than 55 hours. It would be too short a time to explore this amazing and beautiful city.

  21. Good for you fitting in a run in your short stint in NYC! How could you not with those beautiful views?! I would need a few runs to work off all the m&ms I would indulge in 🙂

  22. I would spend a lot of time at the M&M store – yes, I am a sweet tooth. I agree 55 hours in NYC might not be enough to properly explore the place. But you have done quite a bit in those 55 hours.

  23. I love visiting the greatest city in this world! NYC has such a positive vibes that no matter you visit the city gazillion times, but every time it will charm you with something new! Glad to know that you had an amazing time in NYC!

  24. I would go to NYC even if I had only 2 hours to visit…I just love the city and I always tried to make the most of it with the time that I had. It seems that you had a great time too, even though your time was limited to 55 hours. You definitely knew how to manage your time and that is what it matters 🙂

  25. Sounds like you hit some good spots! We aren’t too far from NYC, and we like to visit once a year or so. We spend lots of time in Central Park, the Highline, and other outdoor spots, and eating and people watching are our favorite things to do there.

  26. It sounds like you managed to fit an awful lot in to your 55 hours in NYC! And when you think about it, you have a great excuse to go back to check out the things you missed. You did pretty well to fit in some running! I am so slack about exercise when I travel. LOL. Who knew there was a whole shop dedicated to M&Ms?! Awesome.

  27. I just wrote about NYC too and your post is making me miss it even more! Mad props to you for squeezing in time to run even though you only had 55 hours- all I did was eat! lol

  28. I’m wildly impressed with how much you did in 55 hours! I’ve never been to the M&M store and now that’s at the top of my list. I don’t get back to NYC very often these days, but seeing your pics makes me think we need to schedule another trip soon.

  29. 55 hours! Yes, you definitely need more time than that in NYC. But it looks like you had great fun and ran around the whole place hahaha.. nice running shots! They look so fun. ^^

  30. It always blows my mind how NY manages to fit so many cool things in such a small place! I went for a week a few years ago and didn’t do any of the things you did. That’s the beauty of the city I suppose. My favorite thing there is def the High Line – if you get a chance to go back, I highly recommend it!

  31. I love that you made the most of your time in NYC. It is on my bucket list to run the New York Marathon one day but I have to improve my running first.

  32. What a great read! I love that you stopped at the M&Ms store lol! I will be there next month for about 48 hours myself. We are planning to catch the Macy’s Day Parade 🙂

  33. 55 hrs sound really short but then I realized our trip was only 72 hrs LOL. We stayed 5 blocks from Central Park so obviously we went there as much as we could. I really enjoy going downtown and taking the staten island ferry to see lady liberty from that vantage point. Gotta love NYC, though I still love Chicago more 🙂

  34. It definitely looks like you fit a lot into your 55 hours there! I’m with you, it never feels like enough time to get to a fraction of all the amazing sights to see in NYC. I’m headed back to NYC for just 24 hours in February and I’m trying to figure out what few things I can squeeze into that small amount of time… I love that you featured good places to run for people who love to keep up their exercise routines while on the road.

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