7 Hours in Buffalo, NY

The other day I was just sitting at home blogging when H and I decided to head out to Panera Bread for lunch. After we left, we decided well what the hell, let’s go to Buffalo (how my mind went from Panera Bread to Buffalo I still don’t know) so we looped around the block and grabbed our passports! The two of us were literally in Roots sweats, running shoes, without make up (me), and had nothing with us but our wallet and passport.

It was a bit rainy when we headed off towards the border but that did not deter us (mainly me). We had no plan so while driving there, I was in charge of figuring out what to see and do. And here’s what  we did with 7 hours in Buffalo!

7 Hours in Buffalo, NY

7 Hours in Buffalo

The drive wasn’t too bad – it took us around two hours to get to Buffalo but I’m bias. Most of the ride, I spent singing along to the radio and not driving. This photo I snapped while waiting at the border pretty much sums up how H felt about driving the whole way. (He did smile in the other shots but this was my favourite hahaha)


We headed over to the Botanical Garden first. As y’all know, I love being in nature but with the rain and the lack of proper clothes, things like hiking and going on a run were out of the question so the Botanical Garden it was! I loved seeing all the fun plants, especially the cacti and succulents exhibit. I have always wanted to grow my own as they don’t require too much watering and upkeep.

7 Hours in Buffalo, NY

7 Hours in Buffalo, NY

7 Hours in Buffalo, NY

7 Hours in Buffalo, NY

7 Hours in Buffalo, NY

Next we got hungry so we headed down to Elmwood Village. According to Buffalo’s tourism website, they described Elmwood as artsy and has some of the most popular shops/restaurants. I took the recommendation on their website and Elmwood Taco and Subs that was known for their waffle fries. I enjoyed the waffle fries but wasn’t too impressed by the chicken supreme taco – it was more of wrap with lettuce, tomato, spicy sauce, and chicken than it was a taco. Oh well, you live and you learn but boy did I enjoy the waffle fries!


Near Elmwood Taco and Sub was a book store that caught my eye so I headed inside to wander around. I love how cozy independent book stores feel and this one made me want to stay and linger all day but we had to get moving! We were running out of daylight.

Next we tried to head to the Canal Side but we totally failed. We hit a road closure and couldn’t figure out how to get around it so being as stumped as we were, we decided that the best course of action would be… hit up the outlet mall. We went to he Fashion Outlet at Niagara Falls USA and I nabbed some new workout clothes (like I needed more…) and then I made H drive me to Target so I could get another Nap Queen tee shirt and snacks!


Overall, I feel like I could have spent the 7 hours in Buffalo better but in my opinion, it wasn’t too bad for a trip that was unplanned and decided upon while heading out for lunch! I heard that the chicken wings are pretty good in Buffalo so I’m a bit sad I missed out before we had to head back. Now that I’m home, I’ve added a few more things in Buffalo that I’d like to check out next time I head over!

QOTD: Have you ever decided on a spur of the moment trip? Have you been to Buffalo? How would you spend 7 hours in Buffalo?


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50 thoughts on “7 Hours in Buffalo, NY

  1. Sounds like a fun day!! I’m jealous you’re so close to a Target lol

    My last spur of the moment trip was last week to the mountains with my mom and son. It was perfect to just get away and not do much of anything with such amazing views.

  2. So fun! My husband and I use to do this all the time pre kids. I use to before I met him and he always loved to drive so it happened all the time when we first met. Had this been us it would have even been one of us saying lets go to Panera and then whoever was driving heading to one hours away… “hey never said which Panera”. Haha!

    I love Botanical Gardens, such a great start to your trip. Of course you needed more workout clothes!

    Thanks for the inspiration, the next time we have a few hours we are going to just do something impulsive, besides impulse shopping! 😉

  3. So fun! I miss being able to be this spur of the moment – not as easy with a kiddo now. Once we were visiting somewhere in Vermont and decided to stop at any random attraction along the way home. It took us like 8 hours for a 2.5 hour drive, but we ended up at a science museum, a hiking trail with waterfalls, a cool bridge and more.

  4. I am not familiar with Buffalo, so, I am glad I read your post. The Botanical Garden looks beautiful. You guys need to experience the border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego. That is a bad one.

  5. Buffalo was never a spot on my list but the gardens would make it worth the stop. Love the photos inside and it would be a good day trip to combine with the great falls that are near the city. I was there one time when I was a child and have always wanted to return.

  6. What a fun adventure! We don’t usually make spontaneous trips to the states because Blaine isn’t very exciting and it’s kind of crazy getting into and out of Seattle, but I love heading up to the mountains for a quick trip!

  7. I flew to Buffalo on my way to Niagara Falls and I didn’t have any intentions of staying there, but when I went to pick up my rental car, the rental car guy gave me such a good history of the town and so many fun facts that I had to stop in the city before continuing on to Niagara Falls. Also, I couldn’t go to Buffalo without trying buffalo wings!!! They were delicious 🙂

  8. Impromptu trip is so much fun! I only been to Buffalo once to view the Niagara Falls, but it amazed me that there is so much to check out. The white facade of the Botanic Garden looks spectacular!

  9. I have done some spur of the moment travels nearby Bangalore. Good to read about yours!I don’t know if I will ever be there but your post gives a fair idea of the sights around. 🙂

  10. I love spontanious trips like this! Buffalo seems like a fun place to discover, you don’t always have to travel far to find something new or exciting!

  11. I love your spontaneity. I’m not sure I’ve don’t anything quite so spur of the moment- not recently anyway. The botanical gardens looks great. Interesting to see what else there is in Buffalo other than Niagara Fall. The waffle fries look yummy! #citytripping

  12. I love unplanned and spur of the moment trips. You are driving somewhere nearby and a brainwave assaults you, and off you are on a surprise trip! I am sure the surprise element added spice to the whole trip. The Botanical gardens look so lovely and captivating.

  13. Ahh! The Botanical garden which those vibrant flower beds looks stunning. Sad that you could not make it to the canal side but then it looks like you made the most of your time in Buffalo for an unplanned trip.

  14. There’s nothing better than the spontaneous road trip! But me, personally, being a Bills fan…if I head to Buffalo I’m definitely going to spend half of that 7 hours taking a side trip to Orchard Park to check out a football game 🙂

  15. That’s so fun! It seems you have enjoyed it quite well, and I love how it was lastminute! Sometimes you just need to take your carryon, and you’re good to go! Buffalo was never on my list, but reconsidering it!

  16. I never would have imagined that much to see in Buffalo as being across the border, we head there for shopping sprees. This is really good to know! I like the botanical gardens 🙂

  17. The random trips are always fun! I went to Buffalo last year on my trip to the Niagara Falls but I didn’t get the time to explore the Buffalo!

  18. For a spontaneous trip, this wasn’t that bad. Those waffle fries look delicious though 🙂
    I’ll surely take a spontaneous trip myself sometime in the coming days

  19. Give me those waffle fries, now! How very cool to at least spend a few hours in Buffalo — always interesting to see what you can squeeze in in just a few short hours in a new place 🙂

  20. The Botanical Gardens seem great. i would love to go there and spend sometime. It looks colourful and would give me , a photo enthusiast, lots of opportunities for great photographs.

  21. I live just on the Border, but rarely make it over these days. However, the Fashion Outlet is one of the reasons we do go over! I love your sense of adventure though!

  22. What fun to just pick up and go! it is harder now with a kiddo to be spontaneous, but we still throw together outings in a hurry from time to time. Botanic gardens are always a fav.

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