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Brooks Glycerin 13 Review

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I’ve been running in the Brooks Glycerin 13 for 6 weeks now and I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while but time has not been on my side! This is my 4th pair of Brooks Glycerins and was quite excited to be able to get my hands on the latest model.

Brooks Glycerin 13 Review

The Specs (from Brooks Running)

  • Road/Track
  • 10 mm drop
  • 9.3 oz
  • Neutral

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My Thoughts

Brooks Glycerin 13s are perfect for neutral runners who are looking for something with cushion. I very much enjoyed running in the shoes as right out of the box, they were very cushy and it felt like running on a cloud.  The Super DNA in the 13s provides 25% more cushioning than before.

A feature I really appreciated were their elastic laces – the laces provide very even tightness across the lacing, makes it easy for me to slip in and out of the shoe without unlacing (the horror, I know). The new 3-D Fit Print overlays on the upper add flexibility and structure to the shoes without adding extra weight.

The rounded heel provides better alignment which minimizes stress on joints combined with the ideal pressure zones distribute pressure evenly under your foot gives you an efficient and effortless stride. The segmented crash pad shock also has absorbers that provide cushioning and smoother heel-to-toe transition. I’m a bit of a heel striker in denial so these features really helps me out.

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Based for the 6 weeks I’ve ran in them and the previous 3 pairs I’ve owned – I have no doubt that these will have a long life with me. I actually retire them into work shoe and they’ve been holding strong at work for over 2.5 months now.

Stating the obvious, this shoe is far from minimal so if you’re looking for something super light with a small drop, this is not for you. In addition, I’ve read some complaints about the lack of colours that Brooks provide but I personally love the pink ones I have (I call it my cotton candy shoes) and the blue ones look lovely too!


Brooks Running
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Have you tried the Brooks Glycerin 13?Are you a heel striker in denial like myself? What shoes do you currently run in?

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16 thoughts on “Brooks Glycerin 13 Review

  1. I’ve run in Glycerin 12’s for a while, and I’m currently rocking a pair of Glycerin 11’s. I didn’t realize that they changed the midsole material (super-DNA). Does it really feel 25% more cushioning?

    I think the minimalist fad is leveling out into more reasonable levels with people that can ACTUALLY run PROPERLY in that form being the solid users. I know that I run “better” when minimalist, but on longer runs my form starts to suffer and it’s nice to have the big heel to fall back on, so to speak.

  2. I love the look of these shoes! I haven’t tried Brooks because my Asics have treated me really well, but I have recently started to do a bit of gait re-training and am going to venture into other territories when it’s time to pick up a new pair 🙂

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