Meal Prep Idea: Eggs in Muffin Tin + Video

Need something quick and easy to prep over the weekend so you’d have breakfast all week? Here’s a quick and easy meal prep using eggs and a muffin tin.

Meal Prep Idea: Eggs in Muffin Tin

Now that I’m working a few morning shifts, I’m trying to get my meal prep game on. I’ve been working on making things that can be quickly reheated and easy to transport/eat. These eggs in a muffin tin reheats up nicely and makes my mornings easier as I just pop it in the microwave for a couple of seconds while I’m brushing my teeth. As someone who will sleep until the very last possible minute these are perfect! Seriously, if I have to leave at 8:30, I will wake up at 8 – while I’m well rested, I’m always hungry and will waste money grabbing a beef patty in the subway. Not budget friendly nor is the healthy! Eggs in a muffin tin was a way better alternative to that!

Meal Prep Idea: Eggs in Muffin Tin

So over the weekend, I decided enough was enough and pulled out my muffin tin from the oven. Yes I store my muffin tin in the oven but what’s a girl with limited space to do?! Anyways, I pulled out my muffin tin and pretty much put in everything that I would in an egg omelette and threw it into the oven to bake. The result? Ready to eat egg bites that are grab and go friendly. I end up either scarfing it down at home if I have an extra minute or eating it on my walk to the subway station.

Meal Prep Idea: Eggs in Muffin Tin

I’m definitely one of those people who likes to freehand recipes and this is one that just works better if you freehand! It’s all up to you how much spinach, sun dried tomato, cheese to egg ratio you’d prefer.

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Meal Prep Idea: Eggs in Muffin Tin + Video
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Need something quick and easy to prep over the weekend so you'd have breakfast all week? Here's a quick and easy egg brakfast prep using a muffin tin.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 9
  • Garlic, diced, 3 pieces
  • Baby Spinach, 2 cups minimum
  • Sun dried Tomato, 9 pieces minimum
  • Cheese, whatever you have on hand
  • Eggs, 8
  1. Heat oven up the 325F.
  2. Dice up 3 pieces of garlic. You can use less but I love garlic so I used 3 pieces.
  3. In a pan, cook the garlic until it is fragrant and then toss in the baby spinach until it is cooked (it'll look small and wilted). Add in more if needed.
  4. In a measuring cup, beat 8 eggs until the yolk and whites are mixed.*
  5. In a muffin tin, add in the spinach, sun dried tomato, cheese of your choice, and then pour in the egg mixture into the tin.**
  6. Bake for 20 minutes or until the eggs are set.
Link to the recipe video here!* I used a measuring cup because it is easier to pour from that.
** If you pour the mixture to the top, the egg will expand when it is in the oven
***Add in salt and pepper to taste if you'd like but I find that the cheese and sundried tomato does a great job to keeping the egg bites favourful.

What are your favourite breakfast meal preps?

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Breakfast Meal Prep Idea: Spinach, Sun Dried Tomato, Cheese Eggs in Muffin Tin + Video

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