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MEC Race!



Woo!  So I finally made up my mind and signed up for the MEC 5k run.  I already have a 10k lined up and haven’t raced a 5k in a while so I picked the 5k (it’s literally 2 days after my first final exam so I won’t have time to train for a decent 15k).

This is quite exciting as it gives me something to look forward to and it’ll actually be my first race of the year!  I plan on using this race as a training race for my 10k since I don’t think I’m anywhere near race-ready for April 13th since these upcoming two weeks will literally be me locked up in a room somewhere cramming for finals.  However, I thought it’d be nice to do a small race.    I picked the MEC race over the Yonge Street 10k (on the same day) mainly because of the price ($15 online! or $20 cash day of) and it’s very no-fuss no-muss type of race from what I’ve heard.

There’s nothing fancy, you don’t get a epic post-race party, or a cool swag bag (you do get 10% off in their store after) but you get a bib and a chip timer which is really what racing is all about.  I miss when races didn’t cost you an arm and a leg because they try to make it into such a big production (pre- and post-race).  I rather have a small competitive race where everyone is there to do their best, not for the swag bag and etc.  Also, I have a feeling the smaller races have less people stopping mid stride to take selfies ):  (drift to the side to stop if you want a selfie!  I might barrel into you if you stop suddenly cause I’m definitely not prepared for that ):… )

I’m not a fan of post-race parties mainly because when I’m done, I just want to lay down.  And post-race food provided usually isn’t something I’d eat anyways because I’m way too tired to get the food in me/to be herded like a sheep (I’m looking at you Scotiabank! Not cool how right after the finish line we were herded to walk down more than a block and forced to line up for food in narrow fenced off lines in order to get to our loved ones/baggage check post run! I’m tired and I need to put my weight on someone, not walk a couple blocks for a bagel!) to the food tent.  Most of the time I have the bagel in my mouth but I’m way too tired to chew so it’s just there.

So yeah!  I really have to study now as I have to work soon ):

Is anyone else running the MEC run?  Or are you doing the Yonge Street 10k?  Would you rather have a low-key cheap race or an expensive all out bang of a race?


<3 Carmy


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