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New Balance Vazee Prism Review

Disclaimer: I received these shoes for free for attending the Sport Chek Sherway Gardens launch/testing of the new NB Stride ID Lab

Welcome back to my #YourBetterStartsHere series (part 1 and 2) with Sport Chek Sherway Gardens! To end off my series, I’ll be reviewing the pair of shoes that were fitted from my at the New Balance Stride ID Lab where my feet were scanned and analyzed alongside with my gait. With that information, I was provided with the New Balance Vazee Prism as the shoe for me. To thank you all for being so supportive of my partnership, I’ve teamed up with New Balance Canada to giveaway a pair of New Balanced kicks! More information at the end of this post.

New Balance Vazee Prism Review

Approximately a month and a half ago, I revived a pair of the New Balance Vazee Prism in the mail after being fitted to them after using the New Balance Stride ID. The first thing I noticed about these shoes were how bright and  vibrant they were! Whenever I wore them out, there was always someone who commented on the eye-catching pink. Once a week, I wore the Vazee Prisms on my easy runs to try and get a good feel of them. I would say I wore them for around 5-6 runs, between 5-10K for each run.

The Specs (from New Balance)

  • For stability and motion control
  • 8mm drop
  • 8.3 ounces

New Balance Vazee Prism Review

My Thoughts

Right away I noticed that the Vazee Prism was slightly different from most stability shoes. While a lot of stability shoes in my experience has been on the more stiff side due to its stability feature, the Vazee Prism still managed to be more flexible than its stability counterparts.

New Balance Vazee Prism Review

When testing out the shoe and pressing down on the front of the toe box area with my foot, I could feel how responsive the foam/sole was as just as quickly as I pushed down, it bounced right back.

The sole uses New Balance’s Rev Lite foam technology. The foam, while feeling firm, still haves enough cushioning to be comfortable on longer runs. There’s also ample cushioning on the heel portion of the shoe which I find to be extremely comfortable as a heel striker.

New Balance Vazee Prism Review

To my knowledge, the Vazee Prism has a slightly bigger toe box which I liked as it gave my toes a wee bit more room. In addition, this shoe couldn’t have come at a better time as the heat wave that we just endured was pretty brutal. Luckily, the Vazee Prism were designed with increased breathability in mind. The Vazee Prism has an open mesh design covers majority of the upper and the no-sew upper feature reduces irritation while helping with holding the foot in place.

Overall, I really enjoyed the New Balance Vazee Prisms. I really think that New Balance has stepped up the shoe design with stability shoes – gone are the old days of plain boring white chunky stability shoes. The Vazee Prisms are sleek, vibrant, and most importantly comfortable without sacrificing cushioning.

Okay, so now that you’ve read all about it…how about getting your own pair!? New Balance Canada and I are teaming up to giveaway a pair of Vazee Prism (or your shoe of choice if you’re not a stability shoe person) to one lucky Canadian!

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Have you tried the New Balance Vazee Prism? What shoe are you currently running in?

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New Balance Vazee Prism Review

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60 thoughts on “New Balance Vazee Prism Review

  1. I just switched over to New Balance this year. I wear the Zante’s for training and long runs and then the 1400 for speed work and for the Chicago Marathon in a couple of weeks. My feet really are responding well to them.

  2. I might have to check these out the next time I’m at Sport Chek. I need a new stability shoe – the NB model I have now have been discontinued 🙁 I love the color of the pair that you have on in the pics 🙂

  3. I’ve been really interested in trying a pair of New Balance shoes. I especially love the look of the Vazee Pace, but the Prisms look nice too!

  4. Love bright pretty shoes! Shh but I tell myself they make me faster! Haha. I haven’t worn New Balance shoes in years, since getting a pair of rainbow ones and the brightest ones for me girls to match. I was wearing them outside the yard but they’re really worn out now and should be in the trash but I like looking on them on the shelf in the garage!

  5. My NB Vazee Rush are still one of my favourite shoes for speedwork. They only have a few k’s left on them so I save them and wear them as a ‘treat!” I love all the new designs NB has come up with, and it seems that they are well backed in technology.

  6. I run in the NB 1260 V5 stability shoes. My wife is an Asics diehard, but maybe this review will sway her! Thanks and great blog!

  7. I’ve run in NB shoes before but the designs in the past two years have been much better. I’ve been wanting to try the 1500s and the other moderate stability model. They’ve come a long way since when I first started wearing them. So much lighter and better looking.

  8. I love New Balance!! The stability is what i need right now. Never been disappointment with my New Balance. I currently alternate between my 2 pair of New Balance

  9. I LOVE New Balance! Especially since I have a bit of a wider foot and just weirdness about my feet.
    Love the color and maybe I will move to Canada for the giveaway 😉

  10. I have YET to try the NB prisms, but I really would love to! I love my lightweight training shoes. So currently, I am running n loving my brooks launch and my mizuno wave catalyst. I have a bunch of other running shoes, but the lighter the shoe, the better!!

  11. For me, if you’re just getting into running and using it as an overall fitness tool, the Prism is a versatile shoe that can be used for all sorts of different fitness activities. 🙂

  12. New Balance has long lifetime. I’ve been using a pair of NB for over 2 years. It is really convenient due to be used in many activities (dancing, at the gym, running of course).

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