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Race Report: MEC 15k

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Before the Race

Friday I went to MEC to pick up my race kit.  Inside included my bib and a map to the start of the course. Plain and simple, no fuss no muss.  Sure I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a Clif Bar inside my envelope like the first race but that’s okay.  I get 10% in store purchase from my race bib. Here’s what I bought at MEC from the discount the bib gave me.


Not pictured: my BF’s duffle bag. So with my race bib secured and clifbars bought, I was ready for the race!

Day of the Race

MEC race

I woke up at 3:23 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep so I wasn’t feeling 100%.  After my brutal run last Sunday, I wasn’t sure if I could keep the pace I wanted. I was also experiencing a bit of my chronic pain so I decided I’ll run the race at a conservative 5:50-6:00 minutes/k instead of 5:35-5:45 that I was planning to do.  This was my first 15k race (and the second time I did 15k continuous in months) so I wasn’t really sure how my pacing would go but I was hoping for the best!  My last training run was Wednesday since I decided to rest my legs Friday so I was hoping that my fresh legs would get my through.

I ended up finally meeting Alex.  Isn’t he a cutie? He’s also kinda awesome.  He has a pretty interesting podcast + he’s running 100k to help end kid’s cancer.  Not too shabby Alex 😉 (Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexflint).  He also won first with 59 minutes for 15k.  I can’t even wrap my brain around that currently.


And here’s my friend who has ran with me in multiple races but this was the only time we’ve seen each other at a race (even though we sign up for races together)!


During the Race


I started the race a bit too speedy but that’s normal.  I like to run through the crowded part quickly and then adjusting my pace afterwards once there’s more free space.


I spent the next 2k tucked in behind a couple because I’m still trying to figure out this pacing thing so tucking in is the best option for me right now.

Since it’s a 2.5k loop, by the time I looped once and hit 5k, I was feeling uncomfortable.  My right arch wasn’t feeling good and something was irritating my arm right under my armpit area.  I’m assuming something from my singlet was rubbing against it because it was red by the time I was done the 15k and I had to get an ice pack.


At 7k, I was able to find two girls to tuck in behind and I was able to relax.  I find tucking in to be less work than setting my own pace as I don’t have to focus on my watch.

I was alone around 8-10kk trying to find my pace, it was difficult.


Around 10k, I had a slight … bad moment with a biker.  I’m not too proud of mouthing off/being snide but at the same time, all I heard from him was displeasure of us being on the public path via angry tone of voice.  But that’s a whole different can of worms.


For a while after that I was on my own and and it was difficult with the arm chafing/irritation but luckily, for the last 3k, there was a Long boat runner near by and I was able to run behind him at his pace until the last 500m where I sprinted (I was dying for the race to end, looping the course 3 times plus my irritation was killing me mentally and physically).

End of the Race

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I’m not sure what my official time is but I ended up doing 15.13k in 1:24:24 so I’m pretty happy with it.  I’ve never raced 15k before so I guess that counts as a PB! 🙂

Huge thanks to MEC Toronto for making this race possible and I hope to continue to race these wonderful small races.  Also, seeing all the under 12 year old kids sprinting through the 5k and 10k was super impressive.  Thank you MEC for having a low key race where children can attend without it costing an arm and a leg to get the whole family involved.  Also, thanks to the first aid tent for providing me with ice!

Also, free water, bananas and KIND bars at the finish line?! Yes please!

EDIT: Official results are up:

    • 19 out of 36 females
    • 55 out of 85 overall
    • 1:24:37 .9

So did you race this weekend? Calgary? Niagara? Quebec? Ottawa? Or did you bike Toronto’s Ride for Heart?


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13 thoughts on “Race Report: MEC 15k

  1. Great job!! 15km is a nice distance for a race – I may need to try one. Do you have the stick to use so you don’t chafe? I need to use it every run in the summer or I am in extreme pain in some areas to the point of bleeding. There’s an all natural one I use that’s great if you need a recommendation I can send you a picture over IG. Congrats again on your race! 🙂

    • Thanks! I use body glide but I’m not sure what happened, it didn’t chafe for the sporting life 10k so I guess I’ll have to lube up! But def send me to picture! 🙂 all natural seems like a good option to test out 🙂 the body glide is starting to smell funky!

  2. Well done! I was considering doing a 15K next weekend but decided to stick to my good ol’5K as I really should be *resting*/taking it easy before I start marathon training. I am going to run the Bread and Honey 5K in Mississauga next weekend – yay!!!

    MEC races are fantastic! I just wish MEC Ottawa races didn’t conflict with EVERYTHING

    • yeah! there were a couple more races today (and ride for heart) but I kinda like it cause then I can race a cheaper alternative 🙂

      good luck next weekend! mississauga is quite a far drive for you right? hope you have a safe trip!

  3. Great job 🙂 I’ve never done a 15k, probably because I’ve never seen one around! No racing for me, just getting some work crammed in because I go on vacation in 3 days 🙂

    • Vacation?! Where are you off to you lucky duck! It’s my first 15k too so I had no idea how to pace and run it ): but it all worked out!

    • haha yeah, feeling settled until I look at my watch and realize why I was so “comfortable” and see that I was going 10 seconds slower than I should haha. but yes, weaving in races is a talent 😉

    • LOL I know what you mean. My friend ran an extra 0.2k from weaving but hey, better than being barrelled over! Haha. We only have a couple 15k in Toronto, pretty rare so you are luckyyyy!

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