6 Reasons to Love Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal has recently won my heart. It is right by the coast, it has amazing hill top views, and all the food you can eat. In no particular order, here are 6 reasons to love Lisbon and to add to your bucket list.

1 | The Gorgeous Tiles

Reasons to Love Lisbon

Door frames, walls, stairwells, exterior of buildings, souvenir shops – tiles are everywhere! And they’re so pretty and colourful that I was totally tempted to bring some home with me!

2 | All the Seafood

Reasons to Love Lisbon

Being near the coast has its perks. This clam dish was one of my favourites!

3 | Cheap food

If you find the right places (aka local places) you can get some cheap food! I got a sandwich, drink, and fries for under 5 euros near the Belem Tower. I got a bifana literally a few cents more than the McDonald price at a Casa das Bifanas for around 2 euros whereas the MD version cost 1.95!

Reasons to Love Lisbon

I mean look at this bill! For FULL SERVINGS of seafood rice, prawn curry, cod, and sausage. Also, $2.50 euro for two sodas. That’s usually the price of one!

Reasons to Love Lisbon

4 | Everything is so colourful

I mean look at how colourful these buildings I walked by are! If I could have this in Toronto, that’d be fantastic!

Reasons to Love Lisbon

Reasons to Love Lisbon

Reasons to Love Lisbon

5 | You get a mix of city life and beach life

You could easily spend the entire day just hanging out at the beach or you can spend the entire day in the city. You don’t have to pick either because they’re close enough that you can do both in one day!

Reasons to Love Lisbon

6 | (Rooftop) Patios

It’s practically patio season year round and I am soooooo jealous of that. It was nice to sit at a patio and just people watch/soaking in the vibe. Then combining patios with rooftops? Yes please! Just look at the view!

Reasons to Love Lisbon

QOTD: What’s your favourite city to visit? Have you visited Lisbon?

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6 Reasons to Love Lisbon, Portugal!

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53 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Love Lisbon

  1. Lisbon is one of those places I dream of visiting and I do not think I need a lot of convincing to go. But, your photos are a good reminder of how bad I want to go. I like all the things you have presented in here. All I can say is wow, wow and wow! #citytripping

  2. Love the tiles! I’d heard Lisbon was a fantastic hub for seafood, though hadn’t realized the architecture and interior design was so stunning too! Hopefully can hit up Portugal soon 🙂

  3. I absolutely love that you added a cheap food section to this post. Us broke college students (me haha) really need some cheap options! Lisbon looks amazing and I hope to visit here soon! xx

  4. loving these pics and they def make me wanna head to Lisbon. I want to do another Euro trip next year so this comes at the right time when I am shortlisting options. I see those fancy tiles in so many Ig posts on Lisbon, are they like everywhere?? So cool!

  5. I’ve been hearing more and more good things about Lisbon. But I didn’t know about the cheap food! The beaches and the colorful buildings are pretty enticing too! I guess I better move Lisbon up on my list!

  6. You know the tiles kinda show how globalization took place years ago as well. Many of those designs are very asian. The place looks really colorful and warm. Hopefully their winters are just as warm! 🙂

  7. I’m sold. I have heard nothing but good things about Lisbon. My friends all went this year, and I need to get it lined up for next summer. I am sure I will love the tiles, the seafood, and all of th beautiful colors. I also really want to visit the beaches and nearby castles.

  8. Gorgeous! I love a good tile backdrop and some colorful buildings. Who doesn’t? The city and beach life is ideal as well. Guess I’ll have to get to Lisbon to check it out sometime.

  9. Fun! I love been dying to get to Lisbon, but I just can’t seem to get there. Other opportunities keep presenting themselves. Lisbon will be soon, though. I love all the tiles and colors so much, and cheap food is always an amazing plus!

  10. Ahh I loved Lisbon so much! I think I have a photo of that same purple building (albeit a heavily, badly filtered iPhone3 from 2012 version haha). It’s such a surprising city, and it’s so pretty. I remember I just came from rainy London in late October, and was so pleasantly surprised by the pastel buildings and sunny weather of Portugal.

  11. Bright architecture, stellar rooftops, cheap food? I’m packing my bags! I love all the bright colours you’ve captured. I wouldn’t be there for the seafood, but everything else looks exceptional. Wicked post!

  12. As if I did not have enough reasons to love Lisbon… From the food to the beautiful architecture, You have captured and perfectly summarised the best reasons to visit. I’ll just have to experience all of this myself now!

  13. Ooh I haven’t been to Portugal yet, despite living in Spain for several years! I really would like to go, and these points make me want to go even more! 🙂 Especially for the seafood!!!

  14. Lisbon is surely lovable. I am fascinated with those tiles and the colorful houses and buildings. Lisbon is surely a must visit place and it is in my planned Europe trip itinerary.

  15. I visited Lisbon last year. Loved it very much for these very reasons. The pavements, did you notice? They had such amazing patterns. I have to go back there again.

  16. I can’t take the beauty of Lisbon! I feel like I would never leave. All the charming tiles and doors, the colorful streets and cheap food? I am there

  17. Fortunately, having lots of seafood and being very affordable is a perfect combination. I was there a year ago–it’s great to be in such a place where you don’t have to worry so much about a restaurant bill.

  18. I’ve never been but you’re really tempting me to make a trip soon! I love the colours, tiles and rooftops. In a way, your pictures remind me of where I’m currently living, in San Sebastian De La Gomera, Spain. We don’t have hardly enough tiles though!

  19. I haven’t been to Lisbon (yet) but we recently went to the Algarve and it too has the most magnificent tiles on the houses, great beaches and delicious seafood too. Portugal was a wonderful surprise. Glad you enjoyed it as well! #citytripping

  20. Hello Carmy,

    Lisbon is very much alive based on your post! Yes I can’t help but admire even those tiles in every cities that I visited. Lisbon is another new place I would love yo visit soon!

  21. I’ve been to Lisbon 2 or 3 times and I absolutely love it! I do agree that the food is incredible and so cheap, not to mention that the portions are massive! I would also add Pasteis de Belem, my favourite pastry ever! 🙂

  22. I would love to visit Lisbon, it looks like such a colorful city. The mosaic of the tiles is gorgeous! I love the fact that the food is so cheap and that you can eat so much seafood. The advantages of being next to the ocean 🙂

  23. This is a great list. It made me fall in love with the place. The purpose taken are very pretty. I personally love the tile texture.

  24. Good enough reasons. The colored tiles, the doorways, the fantastic views and clean beaches….definitely Lisbon is a city that can charm you. I will have to take up my cousin on that invite he has been extending for sometime now. 🙂

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